Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Capricorn 2020: The Inner & Outer Work

Photo by Illy Vish.

On Sunday, July 5th, 2020 at 12:43 AM the Sun in Cancer at 13 degrees and 37 minutes opposes the Moon in Capricorn giving us a full moon. Full moons always oppose the Sun and oppositions are always the Universe’s way to remind us that balance needs to be achieved. This particular lunation is also a lunar eclipse; a time when the fullness of the moon enters the shadow of the earth. But what does this mean?

Full moons are times of culmination and release. Full moon eclipses place the earth perfectly between the Sun and Moon; highlighting the shadow side of being out of balance- living at extremes. When we aren’t in harmony with the darkest and lightest parts of ourselves, we are off kilter. This imbalance calls for us to lighten the loads on either side until balance is achieved.

So with the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn the themes of harmony associated with this eclipse are:

  • Private Life vs Public Life
  • Emotional Expression vs Emotional Reservation
  • Home vs Career
  • Nurturing vs Personal Responsibility
  • Mother vs Father
  • Personal Life vs Business
  • Feelings vs Duty
  • Comfort vs Security

The Cancer/Capricorn axis is the Moon standing opposite Saturn; our natural emotional processes and reactions meeting up against traditions, self-responsibility, and integrity. This axis also poses the initiating heat of Summer, which Cancer represents, at odds with the initiating cold of Winter, which Capricorn represents. These too cardinal energies both share the same “let’s get going” energy but at opposite ends of the spectrum. It is no surprise then that what comes up for purging during this lunation will be intense and we’ll feel poised into action.

You ready?

A boost from a trine to Uranus in Taurus promises sudden change but the sort of change that pushes us out of our comfort zones. Growth doesn’t come from comfort. It comes from being in discomfort and sometimes pain. This full moon lunar eclipse urges that we pay attention to that which feels uncomfortable to us. What lurks in the shadows of that discomfort that need to be addressed? What is out of harmony?

This full moon also opposes Mercury, currently retrograde in Cancer digging up feelings wrapped in nostalgia and demanding they be expressed. What have we placed on lockdown regarding how we feel about our comfort, security, reputation, and responsibilities? What do we have to let go of to release the heaviness we’ve locked away? A wide conjunction to Jupiter, also retrograde in Capricorn, accentuates this energy and assures us that blessings can be found if we maintain our integrity and do the work that needs to be done.

Sounds so easy, but is it?

Speaking of working with integrity, the ruler of this moon, Saturn, has retrograded back into its home sign of Capricorn. Saturn, who I refer to as the Daddy of the Planets is at the 29th degree of Capricorn which encourages a sense of urgency when it comes to matters of structure, rules, responsibilty, and karma. This will re-emphasize the concerns that have come up for you from March 18th this year until now and remind you that loose ends can’t remain untied for long. Tie your proverbial shoestrings or trip over them. The choice is yours.

Hey now, you’re an All Star and the universe is begging you to tie your shoes so you can step into some serious magic.

It’s worth mentioning that Mercury Rx in Cancer is squaring Mars, newly in Aries, riling up our emotions and emotional responses. While there is danger here in jumping to conclusions or having explosive conversations and confrontations the good thing about this energy is that it helps thoughts and feelings rise to the surface that are in need of addressing. This is emphasized by Mars’ conjunction to Chiron in Aries which tells us we must rise up and become warriors for our own healing.

Check your Sun, Moon, and Rising below for where you can expect this energy to impact you.


Career, Reputation, Public Standing, What You’re Known For


Intellectual & Spiritual Interests, Higher Education, Opportunities to Teach or Travel


Hidden Emotional Depths, Transformative Power, Sex & Power Issues, Other People’s Money


Partnerships, One-on-One Relationships, Commitments, Open Enemies


Daily Routines & Habits, Health, Service to Others, Immediate Work Environment


Self-Expression, Creativity, Vitality, Passions, Unconditional Love, Children, Inner Child


Home, Family, Comfort, Relationship with Women, Nurturing, Mothers


Thought Processes, Communication, Short Trips, Siblings, Neighbors & Neighborhood


Values, Self-Worth, Money, Possessions, Material Things


Self, Physical Appearance, Outward Identity, Other’s Perception of You


Isolation, Self-Undoing, Dreams, Hidden Enemies, Delusion, Compassion


Social Networks, Groups, Clubs, The Internet, The Collective, Organizations, Friendship Circles, Technology

Cancer Season 2020 + The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer: Mantras & Music

Imagine every drop of water as an emotion. That’s the Cancer season spirit!

Right on the heels of Mercury stationing retrograde in Cancer, the Sun entered the cardinal water sign of Cancer at 5:44 pm Eastern time on June 20th, 2020, marking the Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere, or the official start to summer. This is the day when Earth’s northern pole is at its maximum tilt towards the life-giving Sun. The Sun has reached its highest position in the sky resulting in the longest period of daylight.

I think of the Sun as a giant spotlight being shone on the astrological sign it enters. This spotlight on the energy of Cancer brings up the following themes:

  • Emotions
  • Family
  • Nurturing
  • Relationships with Women
  • Relationships with Our Mothers & Maternal Family Members
  • Our Immediate Surroundings & Home
  • Our Personal/Private Lives
  • Safety & Security Issue
  • Sentimental & Past Feelings
  • Intuitive Nudges or Urges
  • Issues with Vulnerability
  • Emotional Defensiveness & Offensiveness
  • Clingy Behavior
  • Searching for Comfort
  • Empathy
  • Protecting Ourselves & Our Emotions
  • Passive Aggressiveness

The Sun’s amplification of these themes is especially pronounced since Cancer’s ruling planet is the moon. This is representative of the Sun (our vitality, ego expression, lens through which we view life) interacting in the realm of the Moon (our natural & instinctual emotional reactions). Think of Leo (ruled by the Sun) and Cancer energy in a tight hug.

You think Simba was a Cancer?

The heat of fixed fire (Leo) aligned with cardinal water (Cancer) brings to mind either water (emotions) boiling over or fire (spirited action) being put out by water. Finding a happy medium to avoid extremes is key. When the Sun enters the sign ruled by the moon an alignment between our projected selves and receptive selves is activated.

The Sun enters Cancer conjunct, by degree, the North Node in Gemini and opposing the South Node in Sagittarius. As I mentioned in my post on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius:

“The North Node in Gemini calls on us to realize that in order for there to be understanding between people we must be open to listening to ideas and experiences different than our own. This calling simultaneously asks us to leave behind habits and behaviors that discourage interpersonal understanding. The South Node in Sagittarius gives us clues about what we need to leave behind to reach the North Node destiny of ideas being freely shared and heard.”

Illy Vish

The Sun amplifies whatever it touches and gives some oomph to the themes present. It’s no surprise that the emotional flavor of the Sun entering Cancer is giving energy to our collective reminder to be open to receiving information and letting old “truths” go. Social media is LIT with emotionally-riled conversations where the fight between new ways of thinking and old ways of thinking, especially when it comes to race relations, are EVERYWHERE. And with Mercury newly retrograde in Cancer this energy isn’t going away easily.

Cancer energy is not afraid to pull a knife on you if you threaten it. Mistake those emotions for weakness if you want to. I’d advise against it.

Adding to the emotion-oriented party, the Moon joins the Sun in a bear hug of a conjunction on June 21st, 2020 at 4:11 pm meeting at 0 degrees and 21 minutes of Cancer. This joining of the Sun and the moon will result in an annular solar eclipse; an apparent ring of fire around the moon. New Moons are associated with beginnings and starting fresh but the eclipse energy present is giving an added boost to the air of newness. Look for the house in your birth or progressed chart where this eclipse will occur for clues as to what area(s) of your life will be activated.

Serena Williams is goals. This is her putting a crown on goals just like this New Moon Solar Eclipse will accentuate whatever new start you initiate.

This eclipse energy inconjuncts Saturn in rebellious Aquarius and squares Mars in sensitive Pisces. This energy asks that we break old habits that restrict our freedom, find common ground between what we must do and what we want to do, and find new ways to assert what we feel. What is internal will be called into alignment externally so what we’re feeling will help dictate what we manifest for ourselves. In six months when the full moon occurs in Cancer imagine yourself basking in the culmination of the energy you hold right now. What seeds are you planting that will be watered by the your emotional state today?

As always, I suggest checking were this lunation will transit your chart (if you need help with that you can always book a reading with me) however, I’ve come up with some New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer mantras for manifestation as well as chosen a theme song for all 12 signs. Be sure to check your Sun, Moon, Rising and any dominant sign in your chart.


I will initiate healthy emotional change in my home, private life, family, and relationships with women. I will use my subconscious emotional drive to activate an awareness of what makes me most comfortable. I will surround myself with those that respect my freedom and value the ideas I express.


I will begin to tap into my emotional connection to my thoughts, words, knowledge, and ability to share my ideas. I will focus my energy on interacting with groups of people that resonate with my energy. I will value my ability to process vital information that comes my way.


I will connect to the part of me that values my intuition, stability, and everything I possess that nurtures me. I will use my influence to connect to others in a meaningful way. I will show the world the beauty of sharing and receiving new ideas.


I will be open and vulnerable and allow the world to that my sensitivity is not a weakness. I will use my emotional and intuitive intelligence to teach others how to understand and navigate their emotions . I will help people tap into their natural latent curiosity.


I will not be afraid to tap into my subconscious emotions and emotional habits so that I may use them to my benefit. I will fearlessly take the reigns of my inner transformation into my own hands. I will take what I’ve learned through my transformative journey and share it with my circle of friends.


I call into being connections and circles of friends that help to nurture me and give me a sense of security. I will use what has happened in my closest one-on-one relationships as motivation make positive changes in my connections. I will be a walking example to everyone I encounter that openness is the foundation for better connections to others.


I will step out into the world confident that my nurturing and empathic behavior will have an impact on and inspire others. I will initiate the needed change in my day-to-day life to be more in flow with my emotions. I will be inspired to share what has worked for me with others so.


I will enthusiastically open myself up to new spiritual practices and information that will teach me how to be more emotionally intelligent. I will allow myself the space to express myself and be creative without judgement. I will not be afraid to intellectualize the deeper aspects of my psyche.


I accept my darkness as equally as I do my light and understand that my power lies in my ability to process my feelings whether they are good or bad. I will commit myself to honestly examining the side of me no one really sees. I allow myself the opportunity to learn more about myself through the connections I have.


I commit myself to having more emotionally fulfilling partnerships be they for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. I will be more vocal about the importance that these connections have on my well-being. I will take what I learn and incorporate it into my daily life.


I claim better health and healthier habits into my daily routine for my highest good. I will commit myself to speaking up about my feelings rather than detaching from them. I will be inspired and passionate about hearing what others want to share with me.


I will allow my intuition to be the seat of my creativity and use it to stay passionately inspired. I will assert my emotional and intuitive intelligence freely so that I may show others how to do the same. I see the value in what others share with me as I understand even in small ways what they teach me about myself.

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer 2020: Hurt Your Feelings For Your Own Good

Water, just water everywhere. Photo by Illy Vish.

It’s almost that time again when the basic bitch Pumpkin Spice Latte of Astrology, Mercury Retrograde, will be the hot topic of discussion. I call Mercury Retrograde the basic bitch Pumpkin Spice Latte of Astrology because even people who don’t know a quincunx from a hole in the ground seem to be familiar with it. I’m so fascinated by the basic bitchness of Mercury Rx that I designed a t-shirt with it in mind. It has become so mainstream yet doesn’t seem to be truly understood for what it is.

I swear I think this any time I hear someone who only knows about Sun Signs mention Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde is far from basic, particularly when occurring in the cardinal water sign Cancer. When the planet of communication, messages, and thought processes is in the sign of initiated emotions, especially while retrograde, our minds are on what we feel and what we feel is on our minds. And what we feel can seem overwhelming af.

You may not know what your feelings are doing but they’ll be doing them just fine.

Mercury is the messenger, the trickster; the way thoughts, ideas, and information are exchanged. When I think of Mercury I automatically think of Gemini and Virgo, the two signs it rules; Gemini for its wit and chattiness and Virgo for its discriminating logic. Information is vital to both but processed differently. Their differences, however, can be reconciled when we consider Mercury’s role in connecting people.

Mercury is associated with travel, information, writing, memory, speech, the nervous system, connection, respiration, perception, the rational mind, reason, jokes, gossip, and coordination. Mercury connects us to one another in thought, word, and deed. Sometimes Mercury requires us to be open to collecting information and a variety of ideas (Gemini) and sometimes Mercury prefers we take the information we have, sift through it, and reduce it down to what is most necessary (Virgo).

When planets go retrograde, they appear from our vantage point on earth to be moving backwards. They aren’t actually moving backwards at all. Over time astrologers have observed that when a planet goes retrograde that it seems not to express itself as easily or directly. Many explain this as saying the energy of a retrograde planet is “pushed inward” rather than expressed as it is accustomed to expressing itself. Mercury going retrograde is indicative of a slow down in the realms of communication and connectivity.

Going retrograde 3 to 4 times per year, Mercury WILL NOT be ignored.

Mishaps connected to devices that we use to receive and share information are marked when Mercury is retrograde. Mercury not only connects thoughts to people but also connects people to people, hence its association with travel. Planes, trains, and buses being delayed when Mercury is retrograde is something we’re commonly warned about. As Mercury-themed areas of our life slow or shut down it’s a good idea for us to use the energy wisely by going back over things, double checking messages, and backing up electronic devices like cell phones and computers. This is a time the universe blesses us with the gift of introspection and review. We are reminded that we must take pause and reflect.

But Mercury retrograde in the emotional waters of Cancer? What does that feel like. I found this clip of a song by an amazing artist by the name of Kamauu that I think describes it well:

“What you revealin’ hurts my feelings, but I know I need it…”

Remember I said earlier that when I think of Mercury I automatically think of the signs Gemini and Virgo? To delve deeper into the flavor of what Mercury moving retrograde through Cancer is like, I think it’s wise to consider some keywords of those signs to get a feel for how they would work together.



















Using one keyword from every column above, try filling in the blanks of this sentence:

The __(Gemini)__ and __(Virgo)__ planet of communication is fixated on being __(Cancer)__.

You wind up with sentences like:

  1. The curious and meticulous planet of communication is fixated on being nostalgic.
Also known as that moment when your brain won’t stop compelling you to comb meticulously through your memories and obsess about how things could have been different

2. The chatty and precise planet of communication is fixated on being emotional.

Better known as that moment when your feelings zero in on the one thing you’ve been avoiding allowing yourself to feel and now you’re overly compelled to want to talk about it.

3. The fickle and critical planet of communication is fixated on being protective.

More accurately described as that moment you give yourself an honest critique and realize your inability to commit to anything is simply a defense mechanism to protect yourself.

These are just glimpses of how the essence of Mercury Retrograde in Cancer can manifest. Cancer is ruled by the moon, the fastest moving luminary, taking roughly 2.5 days to enter and exit a sign. This gives Cancer its moody quality. Couple that with the fact that Cancer is a cardinal or initiating water (emotional) sign and you can see the potential for things to be emotionally messy.

Not sure if it’s worse having this go on internally or actually doing it.

Mercury goes retrograde on June 18th, 2020 at 12:58 am Eastern time at 14 degrees and 45 minutes of Cancer joining Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto in retrograde motion. The retrograde energy of these planets is giving our value systems, money, relationships, rules, boundaries, restrictions, beliefs, aspirations, optimism, personal power, and transformative abilities a long hard look inward. What have we missed that may be crucial to uncovering before we can move forward? With Mercury joining this planetary slow dance we’re given the opportunity to uncover what it is.

Chart for Mercury Rx in Cancer 2020

The 14th degree and 45th minute of Cancer happens to be in the Scorpio decan and Sagittarius duad flavoring this retrograde with a scoop of Cancer, a scoop of Scorpio, and a scoop of Sagittarius. The water or emotional energy with Cancer and Scorpio here is poised to emote and to settle on what it finds in the depths. The Sagittarius influence then wants to use what it’s found in the emotional depths as an impetus to focus on something bigger than itself. It wants to reward us for our willingness to feel and to confront our darker emotions with understanding. The emotions brought to our attention to let out and heal serve to connect us to our greatest truths about ourselves.

Many of us have already started feeling the effects of this particular retrograde since June 2nd, when Mercury entered its first shadow phase. Essentially, from June 2nd to 18th, Mercury was hanging out between 5 degrees and 14 degrees of Cancer, the area that it will retrograde over. You can think of this as Mercury giving us a preview or sneak peak of some of the things that will be coming up for us during its retrograde. What have you noticed has come up for you?

Though Mercury’s retrograde ends on July 12th, at 5 degrees of Cancer, it’s important to understand that the retrograde cycle itself will not be over. Mercury still has to move forward over all the ground it retrograded over. This second shadow phase will be a time where any emotional debris left over from the retrograde itself is picked up and revisited. Mercury won’t complete this second shadow phase until July 26th, 2020. This means even the toughest of us will still have to do some emotional auditing from now until Leo season.

Emotional gangsta or not we’re all gonna catch those Mercury Rx Shadow hands so be prepared to shadow box! Bad pun, but the point is your emotional gangsta will be tested.

With this Mercury Retrograde beginning so close to Summer Solstice, Cancer Season beginning, and a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer, things are about to get super… moist and unstable. I’ll talk more about that in my next post. Until then, make sure that you check your chart to see what house Mercury RX in Cancer will transit. If you need help with understanding your chart feel free to book a reading.

Meme credit @hornyastrology

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Sagittarius: Truth & The Illusion Of Truth

Photo by Illy Vish

Full Moons are said to be culminations of energy where the moon swelling to its fullness is representative of things coming to completion. As the Moon is tied to our emotions, full moons oftentimes present us with opportunities to release feelings, situations, and people all as a result of how we have come to feel about them. Think of all the things that have changed for you since we had the New Moon in Sagittarius back on November 26th, 2019. What have your feelings shifted about? What doesn’t feel the same?

On June 5th, 2020 at 3:12 pm EST the Moon entered its fullness in the sign of Sagittarius, entering the Earth’s shadow and resulting in a lunar eclipse. When a lunar eclipse occurs the Earth is situated directly between the Sun and the Moon and astrologically it’s considered to be a time where we deal with the shadow aspects of ourselves and our emotions. This particular moon is poised to not only dredge up those shadow aspects but to have them linger like a thick fog over the collective.

The opposition between the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius highlights themes of singular truth vs many truths and long-term vs short-term. Sagittarius seeks expansive experiences and is focused on a single target while Gemini seeks information from its immediate surroundings and is focused on many targets. Since oppositions are calls for balance the energy of this eclipse asks that we strike a balance between standing on our soap boxes declaring what we know to be true and listening to others to find out what other truths are out there.

The activities of the past week have shown us that these themes are heavily prevalent as the Nodes of the Moon are already in Gemini and Sagittarius. I touched on this a few weeks ago in a Facebook post:

“The North Node in Gemini calls on us to realize that in order for there to be understanding between people we must be open to listening to ideas and experiences different than our own. These Saturn in Aquarius times we’re in where we face collective restriction with undertones of rebellion and revolution damn near beg us to wake tf up and open our minds.

The positioning of the North Node in Gemini brings a collective calling towards:

  • Adaptability
  • Mental Agility
  • Curiosity
  • Multi-facetedness
  • Changeable Thinking
  • New Ideas
  • Consideration of Other Views
  • Versatility
  • Openness to Discussing Dichotomies
  • Willingness to Communicate & Ask Questions

This calling simultaneously asks us to leave behind habits and behaviors that discourage interpersonal understanding. The South Node in Sagittarius gives us clues about what we need to leave behind to reach the North Node destiny of ideas being freely shared and heard.

The positioning of the South Node in Sagittarius urges us collectively to discard behavior that keeps us stuck in outdated patterns that inhibit effective communication such as:

  • Arrogance
  • Tactlessness
  • Generalization of Individual Experiences
  • Recklessness
  • Disregard of Ideas & Thoughts Different From Your Own
  • Having to Always Be Right
  • Believing There’s Only One Right Way to Think Or Behave
  • Assuming Everyone Thinks As You Do
  • Not Caring About Anything Outside of One’s Beliefs or Ideals
  • Constantly Searching For a Singular Truth

This is a time when you will see who desperately clings to the past (South Node in Sagittarius) and refuses to listen to others or embrace new ideas (North Node in Gemini). This is a time when you will see clearly who dismisses and tunes out the shared thoughts, experiences, and feelings of others in favor of defining people through their narrow view.

How do we know when people are ACTUALLY listening to us and are open to understanding our feelings and how we experience the world? Well, they’ll be embracing the North Node essence of Gemini. They will be those asking questions to better understand our perspectives. They will NOT be those embracing the essence of the South Node in Sagittarius; those who run roughshod over our ideas and perspectives with no consideration of their validity.

We have a beautiful opportunity available to us right now if we are willing to embrace it. Positively we can use this energy to gain clarity about things that we previously dismissed without consideration. We can use this energy to have better connections with people and come up with better solutions that impact us all. Negatively, we can use this energy as an excuse to stay stuck in our own perspectives and shut out those of others; standing adamantly on our soapboxes, preachy asf, talking over everyone, and hearing no one.

When you know what it’s like not to be heard, not to be listened to, not to have your perspective considered let alone validated, to be defined by the ideals of others instead of who you actually are you can see how easily damage can be done when you do the same. If we want to be heard, we should listen. If we want our perspectives heard we should listen to the perspectives of others. If we are unsure of what others think or what motivates them we should ask questions. We should extend to others the courtesy of the openness we ourselves wish to receive. If we don’t we are missing a blessing the universe is bestowing upon us to grow and have better connections. If we don’t we are choosing to have shitty connections or none at all. It’s really that simple.”

Have we not been witnessing the struggle between those stuck in old ways of thinking and ready to stand on their soapboxes to defend those thoughts and those who are listening and sharing experiences as a means of bringing about understanding and change? With the peaceful protests against George Floyd’s murder at the hands of police, and the subsequent rioting and looting, social media has been completely LIT UP with people’s opinions on the situation and things have gotten rather ugly.

Pluto is already in retrograde in Capricorn which The Renaissance Mystic and I discussed on a recent episode of the Spiritual Gangsta Certified Podcast. We described how this transit going on until October 5th, 2020 would cause “little energetic Freudian slips” to be popping up everywhere as people’s hidden and unconscious issues/traumas/energies rise to the surface with most people unaware. In other words, people are “dry snitching” on themselves and don’t even know it.

Yep, everyone’s basically snitching on themselves.

Between the Pluto Rx dry snitching people are doing on themselves and the fact that this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is further bringing up shadow emotions, tension is thick, emotions are on edge, and people may not be handling it well. To complicate matters further, this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius is squaring Mars and Neptune in its home sign of Pisces.

The Moon in Sagittarius and Sun in Gemini’s squares to Mars and Neptune in Pisces are indicative that this axis between our instinctual reactions to what we hold true and our calling to examine new ideas is being affected by the haze and not-so-clear influence of Neptune, but with a push into action from Mars. While this energy presents opportunities to proactively use empathy and intuition to process what we’re feeling in the current climate, it also presents themes of lies, deceit, and a proverbial fog being cast over what we’re seeing and feeling. Worse case scenario we could act impulsively on negative emotion. Best case scenario we could use our empathy to fuel appropriate action.

Can you see through the fog?

In Sagittarius, the Moon is already prone to exaggeration; ruled by the planet of expansion, Jupiter. Currently retrograde, Jupiter in Capricorn is conjunct Pluto, also retrograde in Capricorn . Capricorn being a common denominator here reminds us that an examination of structures like government, rules, and boundaries are due. And with Capricorn’s ruling planet currently being retrograde in Aquarius, the sign of the collective, rebellion, change, and revolution, current political happenings are bound to be at the fore of this energy.

Let’s not forget about the influence of Venus retrograde in Gemini on this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. The ruling planet of our values, one-on-one relationships, money, and love lives in Mercury-ruled Gemini, Venus is being activated in a conjunction to the Sun, also in Gemini. This illumination of what we think about our connections and commitments sits in opposition to the Full Moon and it’s evident all over social media how this is playing out. Unfriendings and blocks are happening left and right as people are dismissing ideas (Gemini) they don’t value (Venus) and the people expressing said ideas. New relationships (Venus) are also being formed as people connect to those of like mind (Gemini).

A trine to Black Moon Lilith and the Part of Fortune is also occurring with this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the cardinal fire sign of Aries lending encouragement to be aware of our capacity for destruction and how awareness of this capacity can bring blessings to us. Destruction is a necessary part of everything in nature and when we need to build something new we have to tear down the old. Black Moon Lilith’s influence brings with it a reminder that our need for vengeance and reckoning is not for nothing. It’s long overdue. But how can we use this energy constructively so that it doesn’t burn out of control?

Look for where this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is transiting your chart and ask yourself where you stand in what you hold as true. What inner revolution is mirroring this outer revolution we see at play in the world? As above, so below, As within, so without right? What do your feelings guide you to discover about yourself? What do your feelings guide you to discover about the world? Whatever these feelings are they’ll be glaringly apparent.

Revolutionary Energy: A Quick Astrological Note

This afternoon as I scrolled through my social media accounts I came across this :

Original source but seen on Facebook & Instagram.

Astrology is so much more than just knowing people’s birth chart energy. It allows us to study cycles in time and in history and to recognize the commonalities.

There is A LOT going on and still a lot more to go on but I want everyone to keep in mind that these cycles have their place in moving us forward into the future.

Saturn (restriction, rules, tradition, structure, government) in the sign of Aquarius (the collective, rebellion, revolution, change, innovation) is everywhere we look.

Pluto (transformation, death, rebirth, purging, extremes) currently retrograde in Capricorn (government, rules, structure, tradition, restriction) is also everywhere we look.

Neptune in its home sign of Pisces intensifies sensitivity, emotions, intuition, deceit, lying, and appeals to the turbulent emotional landscape dissolving the collective’s feelings together. It’s everywhere.

I did want to mention though that while the themes of collective revolution are prominent, it’s important to remember that this energy is also encouraging an inner revolution. As within, so without. The themes showing themselves in the collective can also be found individually and internally. What themes on the outside are resonating on the inside as well? This time is prime to find out.

With the full moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius coming on Friday, June 5th, energies and emotions are peaking. This is a Jupiter-ruled moon meaning emotions can be pushed to an extreme and blown out of proportion. Sagittarius is also mutable and the moon here indicates emotions being in a state of flux.

I won’t tell anyone what to do but I will say this, make sure you are tending to your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. If you need to isolate a bit and tend to yourself please do it. With so much going on the last thing you need is to neglect yourself. We can’t help change both our inner and outer worlds if we’re drained.

Peace and blessings, beautiful souls. 💚💚💚

Venus Rx in Gemini 2020: Women Voicing Their Thoughts on Relationships

Ideas being shared about relationships, one-on-one interpersonal relations, relationship problems, and communication problems in relationships have been everywhere in my social media feeds ever since Venus went retrograde in Gemini and the Sun, North Node, and Mercury entered Gemini.

I’ve seen it said that Venus Rx operates like Mars and considering it’s Mars day, I thought this would be a great topic to bring up.

Chattiness (Gemini) about relationships (Venus) and the introspection resulting from Venus’ retrograde cycle are apparent and I’ve noticed recurring themes that seem to cross social media platforms, particularly from women.


Post after post after post after post I’ve seen are centered around the calling out of and dismissal of fuckboys and their behavior. It’s not really surprising under this Gemini influence.

No shade to Gemini energy but the as the Sun entered the sign of the twins its like a spotlight lit up on everyone recognizing fickle ever-changing and all-over-the-place behavior which is par for the course with fuckboys. Women are not having that shit right now and speaking up and out. Some of the most interesting points I’ve seen so far are:

  • Most fuckboys are unaware of or in denial about them being actual fuckboys. They continually do fuckboy shit oblivious to the fact that doing fuckboy shit makes them fuckboys
  • Calling fuckboys out on fuckboy behavior causes cognitive dissonance so intense that they have only two options- ghost completely or deflect and attempt to gaslight
  • You can never win against a fuckboy so it’s better not to even play
  • Not only are women sick of fuckboys, they’re also sick of other women who still engage fuckboys
  • Fuckboy behavior is rooted in unresolved mommy issues and/or childhood trauma that fuckboys either ignore or deny exists
  • Fuckboys expect you to allow them to fuckboy the shit out of you in peace without any objection
  • Saying no to a fuckboy equates in his head to being denied his right to “be a man”
  • Saying no to fuckboy can possibly get you hurt physically or killed
  • If you ghost or ignore a fuckboy he has to punish you for having the audacity to want better for yourself
  • The unrealized/in denial fuckboys are the worst of them all and tend to have the highest concentration of fuckboy energy and mommy issues


Yes, communication is important in relationships but it doesn’t work well at all if a willingness to listen and understand is absent. Women are tired of communicating without being heard. Most of what I’ve seen about this mentions:

  • Men do this thing called “already always listening” which in short means they don’t hear what is said but rather decide what is about to be said and assume what is meant before you speak based on their previous experience(s) with you
  • Men will determine what your emotions or communication mean without listening and dismiss them. They know better than you how you feel, why you feel that way, and why you act as you do even though you’re the only one who knows how you feel and why
  • What you say is automatically worth dismissing if it bruises the male ego or calls him out on bad behavior
  • No matter how calmly you speak when you ask questions for clarity or to understand you will be labeled irrational, overly emotional, and crazy simply because the answers to your questions will potentially result in you responding negatively to or cutting off contact with a man
  • When you shut down communication due to receiving little to no communication a mantrum will ensue


Women are focusing on possibilities OUTSIDE of relationships. They are putting love, time, care, and attention into themselves. By doing so they are attracting to them the people they need to make those possibilities reality. They are reflecting on the love, time, care, and attention they’ve given to men and realizing where and how they’ve neglected themselves. I’ve seen stuff like:

  • Sisterhood circles being formed to support the interests/goals of other women
  • Self-care rituals being developed or renewed
  • Women building other women up through sharing knowledge, opportunities, advice, etc.

This isn’t about man hating. This is about preserving self-love in women which requires an honest look at issues that are faced. Too many women have allowed men access to them who don’t deserve it. We have fathers, brothers, sons, nephews, cousins, and friends who could stand to listen to us for their betterment. We are a reflection of our male counterparts so if you don’t like what you see take a look at yourselves.

We all have work to do and this retrograde is encouraging not only reflection on but discussion about our thoughts on how our one-on-one relationships have gone. We can best use this energy to listen, ask questions, and come to mutual understanding.

What have you been seeing come up in discussion with women regarding relationships?

Continue reading “Venus Rx in Gemini 2020: Women Voicing Their Thoughts on Relationships”

Saturn In Aquarius: Rebellion, Revolution & Innovation Reign

Saturn will enter Aquarius, a sign it anciently rules, on March 21st, 2020 and will stay there until July 1st, 2020 when it will go retrograde and re-enter its home sign of Capricorn. It will return back into Aquarius on December 16th, 2020 and stay there until March 7th, 2023.

After 3 years of traveling through its ruling cardinal earth sign of Capricorn, Saturn, the planet of order, restriction, time-keeping, and karma is moving into Aquarius. Saturn is the ANCIENT ruler of Aquarius, as its modern ruler, Uranus wasn’t discovered until 1781. Concern for what is best for the collective through structures and rules is a prevalent theme.

Saturn’s entrance into Aquarius for the first time since 1991 is very pronounced. From February 1991 until the end of January 1994 Saturn transited Aquarius., During this time the Rodney King footage of him being beaten by LA police officers as well as the riots that occurred in Los Angeles after the officers were acquitted were happening. Themes of the collective deciding that restrictive and oppressive structures, forces, and judgements were not okay were definitely present.

As Saturn makes its ingress into the fixed air of Aquarius in 2020, we are globally and collectively dealing with sudden changes (Aquarius) affecting the structure, governance, and rules (Saturn) of society and the freedom (Aquarius)we are used to having because of COVID-19. As Saturn finished its traverse through the 29th “sense of urgency” degree of Capricorn, there was talk that the US government had failed to act earlier totake the pandemic seriously. New plans resulting in restrictions being placed on public events and places to manage and restrain (Capricorn) the spread of the Coronavirus were announced and enacted. The sense of urgency for the government (Saturn) to take responsibility (Capricorn) for managing this outbreak was heightened.

Saturn’s entrance into Aquarius points to the themes of changes to structures surrounding the collective, the internet, social groups, organizations, and our ideas on individuality and freedom. It doesn’t seem coincidental that social distancing has become a thing where though we are urged to maintain a physical distance from others we still have the benefits of technology to stay connected virtually to them.

I refer to Saturn as the daddy of the zodiac but it is also the wise crone, the old wise woman. We are called upon to exercise the wisdom we’ve gained while Saturn was in Capricorn about constraints, delays, responsibility, our government, and how we managed a sense of order in the physical world. Saturn in Aquarius now calls on us to take what we’ve learned and spawn change.

Coming in with a square to Uranus in Taurus adding an air of being pushed out our comfort zones, Saturn is also sextile the Sun in Aries prompting action and movement forward. Wide conjunctions to Mars and Jupiter ramp up call to get moving; to use innovation, ingeniousness, and objectivity to soldier through and overcome challenges related to suddenly having to restructure society for the good of all.

If we have taken seriously the lessons we’ve learned through hardships as well as victories over the last 3 years, we’ll fair better in adapting to the rapidly growing restrictions on our freedom for the sake of humanity. If by now you are unable to recognize how much other people and their actions and sense of security heavily impact you, this transit will show you, the hard way. We’ll also get a glimpse at how far some people will go to rebel against any perceived threat to their freedom.

To fully benefit from Saturn’s traverse through Capricorn, it is important to understand where and how it will impact your natal chart. If you do not already have a copy of your natal chart, I suggest getting one at astro.com. You will need your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth.

I’ve made a FREE WORKBOOK to help you look at your chart and determine how Saturn in Aquarius will personally affect you. Click here to download the free workbook.

Winter Solstice 2019: Into The Darkness & Through The Cold

Winter Solstice officially blows into 2019 at 11:19 pm Eastern Time for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, bringing with it the longest night and shortest day of the year. As the Sun reaches its southernmost point in the sky we welcome in Capricorn season, winter, and a proverbial as well as literal descent into darkness.

Capricorn, the cardinal earth sign intertwined and associated with this Solstice energy, holds pronounced importance this year. Cardinal is derived from the Latin word cardo which means portal, chief point, or hinge of a door. Cardinal signs open up the doorways to seasons- Aries opening Spring, Cancer opening Summer, Libra opening Fall, and Capricorn opening Winter. As we cross the threshold to the energy of Capricorn season we are reminded to embrace the darkness and walk bravely into the cold.

As the Sun enters Capricorn, it joins Pluto, Saturn, Ceres, the South Node, and Jupiter in the sign of the sea goat. This heavy concentration of Capricorn energy intensifies with the Sun’s influence as the Sun amplifies what it touches and shines a spotlight of sorts on a more serious and grounded energy. Consider these Capricorn keywords (from my free workbook on navigating Jupiter’s transit through Capricorn which you can download here) when thinking about this Solstice, Capricorn season and the many planets currently in this sign:

If you’ve ever seen those nature specials where goats are maneuvering up those steep cliffs you can literally see their determination, despite possibly stumbling, to make it to the top of the mountain. They keep going. They push on. If the work is hard to get to the top it doesn’t phase them. They soldier on and embrace the journey. They boss up to manage each step with precision as they know that is what must be done to reach the mountaintop.

It’s no coincidence that the energy of Capricorn is associated with the 10th house- the highest place in an astrological chart. To get to the top, one must be committed to excellence. A commitment to excellence means being disciplined, practical, ambitious, careful, and determined. Capricorn reminds us that our hard work pays off when we’re committed to doing what needs to be done.

Capricorn also reminds us that stepping into our darkness is a natural part of our journeys. Every year our experience with seasons reminds us of nature’s cycles and our connection to them. There is a season and time for everything, including one where things must die, be restricted, and be conserved. Winter’s shorter days, longer nights, and colder weather meant life or death to our early ancestors for it put into perspective whether they had done the appropriate work in the preceding seasons. Did what they planted, tended to, and harvested render enough crops to sustain them once the cold came? Would there be enough to last them until Spring?

Proverbially, we are tasked at this time with figuring out if the seeds of intention we planted back in Aries season, tended to during Cancer season, and harvested during Libra season are good to last us until Aries season comes again. Whether we like it or not this can mean we are more prone to conserving and restricting in order to hold on to what we need to survive our dark times.

For some people this is a time to go into isolation or hibernation; to gather oneself in solitude. The very fine line that exists between solitude being healthy and helpful and it being depressive and painful is especially pronounced as the Sun in Capricorn squares Chiron in Aries. How can we go into our darkness, endure the cold that awaits there and come out on the other side refreshed and healed? How can we deal directly with our wounds in the darkness so that when the light is shining again there are no scars?

The amazing reminder here is that as the Sun in Capricorn at Winter Solstice reaches its southernmost point, it also begins to slowly rise. The longest night gives way to days beginning to slowly get longer. The light is slowly beginning to creep in. This is symbolic of a dark night of the soul being the bottom we need to reach the top; it being darkest before dawn. We are reminded at this time that if we sit with our darkness a little longer and endure the cold our reprieve is coming. We will bask in the warmth of the light again. Dark times surely won’t and don’t last long.

So what is here for us to find in the solitude and quiet of our darkness? What blessings are within in the blizzard? The discovery of our inner tenacity, strength, reserve, resilience, and drive that keeps us pushing forward. The stellium of planets and points in Capricorn is working us hard with a purpose. The heavier the weights we are able to lift the stronger we become. What weight needs lifting off of you? How strong are you about to prove yourself to be? Be bold and brave enough to find out.

Venus Conjunct Saturn in Capricorn: Getting Serious About What We Value

At 5:04 am Eastern Time this morning , Venus, the planet of values and connections joined forces with Saturn, the planet of time, karma, responsibility, commitment and hard work in perfect energetic alignment in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn.

The sobering and serious energy of this alignment is neither light nor superficial. This energy asks that we examine our values, attachment to possessions, connections with people, and patterns of commitment or lack thereof. This is essentially an audit of our integrity within partnerships and a taking stock of worthiness. Does what we tangibly, emotionally, and mentally possess fulfill us? Or are we out of alignment with what we truly desire?

Ask yourself:

How serious is my commitment to the people and things I value?

What responsibility am I taking to show unconditional love in my relationships?

What are the consequences of not acting in integrity with those I love?

What karma have I fulfilled through my connections?

Saturn and Venus want you to get real about your value systems and your ability to commit to that which you truly admire and want. Sometimes when we are far too frivolous and callous in terms of how we spend our money and what people we give attention to we lose a sense of groundedness and authenticity. Do we want what we want because we really want it? Or are our desires just shadow puppets of what we think we want because we see everyone else having it?

Figure it out. The universe is urging you to do so.