Venus Rx in Gemini 2020: Women Voicing Their Thoughts on Relationships

Ideas being shared about relationships, one-on-one interpersonal relations, relationship problems, and communication problems in relationships have been everywhere in my social media feeds ever since Venus went retrograde in Gemini and the Sun, North Node, and Mercury entered Gemini.

I’ve seen it said that Venus Rx operates like Mars and consisting it’s Mars day, I thought this would be a great topic to bring up.

Chattiness (Gemini) about relationships (Venus) and the introspection resulting from Venus’ retrograde cycle are apparent and I’ve noticed recurring themes that seem to cross social media platforms, particularly from women.


Post after post after post after post I’ve seen are centered around the calling out of and dismissal of fuckboys and their behavior. It’s not really surprising under this Gemini influence.

No shade to Gemini energy but the as the Sun entered the sign of the twins its like a spotlight lit up on everyone recognizing fickle ever-changing and all-over-the-place behavior which is par for the course with fuckboys. Women are not having that shit right now and speaking up and out. Some of the most interesting points I’ve seen so far are:

  • Most fuckboys are unaware of or in denial about them being actual fuckboys. They continually do fuckboy shit oblivious to the fact that doing fuckboy shit makes them fuckboys
  • Calling fuckboys out on fuckboy behavior causes cognitive dissonance so intense that they have only two options- ghost completely or deflect and attempt to gaslight
  • You can never win against a fuckboy so it’s better not to even play
  • Not only are women sick of fuckboys, they’re also sick of other women who still engage fuckboys
  • Fuckboy behavior is rooted in unresolved mommy issues and/or childhood trauma that fuckboys either ignore or deny exists
  • Fuckboys expect you to allow them to fuckboy the shit out of you in peace without any objection
  • Saying no to a fuckboy equates in his head to being denied his right to “be a man”
  • Saying no to fuckboy can possibly get you hurt physically or killed
  • If you ghost or ignore a fuckboy he has to punish you for having the audacity to want better for yourself
  • The unrealized/in denial fuckboys are the worst of them all and tend to have the highest concentration of fuckboy energy and mommy issues


Yes, communication is important in relationships but it doesn’t work well at all if a willingness to listen and understand is absent. Women are tired of communicating without being heard. Most of what I’ve seen about this mentions:

  • Men do this thing called “already always listening” which in short means they don’t hear what is said but rather decide what is about to be said and assume what is meant before you speak based on their previous experience(s) with you
  • Men will determine what your emotions or communication mean without listening and dismiss them. They know better than you how you feel, why you feel that way, and why you act as you do even though you’re the only one who knows how you feel and why
  • What you say is automatically worth dismissing if it bruises the male ego or calls him out on bad behavior
  • No matter how calmly you speak when you ask questions for clarity or to understand you will be labeled irrational, overly emotional, and crazy simply because the answers to your questions will potentially result in you responding negatively to or cutting off contact with a man
  • When you shut down communication due to receiving little to no communication a mantrum will ensue


Women are focusing on possibilities OUTSIDE of relationships. They are putting love, time, care, and attention into themselves. By doing so they are attracting to them the people they need to make those possibilities reality. They are reflecting on the love, time, care, and attention they’ve given to men and realizing where and how they’ve neglected themselves. I’ve seen stuff like:

  • Sisterhood circles being formed to support the interests/goals of other women
  • Self-care rituals being developed or renewed
  • Women building other women up through sharing knowledge, opportunities, advice, etc.

This isn’t about man hating. This is about preserving self-love in women which requires an honest look at issues that are faced. Too many women have allowed men access to them who don’t deserve it. We have fathers, brothers, sons, nephews, cousins, and friends who could stand to listen to us for their betterment. We are a reflection of our male counterparts so if you don’t like what you see take a look at yourselves.

We all have work to do and this retrograde is encouraging not only reflection on but discussion about our thoughts on how our one-on-one relationships have gone. We can best use this energy to listen, ask questions, and come to mutual understanding.

What have you been seeing come up in discussion with women regarding relationships?

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Saturn In Aquarius: Rebellion, Revolution & Innovation Reign

Saturn will enter Aquarius, a sign it anciently rules, on March 21st, 2020 and will stay there until July 1st, 2020 when it will go retrograde and re-enter its home sign of Capricorn. It will return back into Aquarius on December 16th, 2020 and stay there until March 7th, 2023.

After 3 years of traveling through its ruling cardinal earth sign of Capricorn, Saturn, the planet of order, restriction, time-keeping, and karma is moving into Aquarius. Saturn is the ANCIENT ruler of Aquarius, as its modern ruler, Uranus wasn’t discovered until 1781. Concern for what is best for the collective through structures and rules is a prevalent theme.

Saturn’s entrance into Aquarius for the first time since 1991 is very pronounced. From February 1991 until the end of January 1994 Saturn transited Aquarius., During this time the Rodney King footage of him being beaten by LA police officers as well as the riots that occurred in Los Angeles after the officers were acquitted were happening. Themes of the collective deciding that restrictive and oppressive structures, forces, and judgements were not okay were definitely present.

As Saturn makes its ingress into the fixed air of Aquarius in 2020, we are globally and collectively dealing with sudden changes (Aquarius) affecting the structure, governance, and rules (Saturn) of society and the freedom (Aquarius)we are used to having because of COVID-19. As Saturn finished its traverse through the 29th “sense of urgency” degree of Capricorn, there was talk that the US government had failed to act earlier totake the pandemic seriously. New plans resulting in restrictions being placed on public events and places to manage and restrain (Capricorn) the spread of the Coronavirus were announced and enacted. The sense of urgency for the government (Saturn) to take responsibility (Capricorn) for managing this outbreak was heightened.

Saturn’s entrance into Aquarius points to the themes of changes to structures surrounding the collective, the internet, social groups, organizations, and our ideas on individuality and freedom. It doesn’t seem coincidental that social distancing has become a thing where though we are urged to maintain a physical distance from others we still have the benefits of technology to stay connected virtually to them.

I refer to Saturn as the daddy of the zodiac but it is also the wise crone, the old wise woman. We are called upon to exercise the wisdom we’ve gained while Saturn was in Capricorn about constraints, delays, responsibility, our government, and how we managed a sense of order in the physical world. Saturn in Aquarius now calls on us to take what we’ve learned and spawn change.

Coming in with a square to Uranus in Taurus adding an air of being pushed out our comfort zones, Saturn is also sextile the Sun in Aries prompting action and movement forward. Wide conjunctions to Mars and Jupiter ramp up call to get moving; to use innovation, ingeniousness, and objectivity to soldier through and overcome challenges related to suddenly having to restructure society for the good of all.

If we have taken seriously the lessons we’ve learned through hardships as well as victories over the last 3 years, we’ll fair better in adapting to the rapidly growing restrictions on our freedom for the sake of humanity. If by now you are unable to recognize how much other people and their actions and sense of security heavily impact you, this transit will show you, the hard way. We’ll also get a glimpse at how far some people will go to rebel against any perceived threat to their freedom.

To fully benefit from Saturn’s traverse through Capricorn, it is important to understand where and how it will impact your natal chart. If you do not already have a copy of your natal chart, I suggest getting one at You will need your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth.

I’ve made a FREE WORKBOOK to help you look at your chart and determine how Saturn in Aquarius will personally affect you. Click here to download the free workbook.

Winter Solstice 2019: Into The Darkness & Through The Cold

Winter Solstice officially blows into 2019 at 11:19 pm Eastern Time for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, bringing with it the longest night and shortest day of the year. As the Sun reaches its southernmost point in the sky we welcome in Capricorn season, winter, and a proverbial as well as literal descent into darkness.

Capricorn, the cardinal earth sign intertwined and associated with this Solstice energy, holds pronounced importance this year. Cardinal is derived from the Latin word cardo which means portal, chief point, or hinge of a door. Cardinal signs open up the doorways to seasons- Aries opening Spring, Cancer opening Summer, Libra opening Fall, and Capricorn opening Winter. As we cross the threshold to the energy of Capricorn season we are reminded to embrace the darkness and walk bravely into the cold.

As the Sun enters Capricorn, it joins Pluto, Saturn, Ceres, the South Node, and Jupiter in the sign of the sea goat. This heavy concentration of Capricorn energy intensifies with the Sun’s influence as the Sun amplifies what it touches and shines a spotlight of sorts on a more serious and grounded energy. Consider these Capricorn keywords (from my free workbook on navigating Jupiter’s transit through Capricorn which you can download here) when thinking about this Solstice, Capricorn season and the many planets currently in this sign:

If you’ve ever seen those nature specials where goats are maneuvering up those steep cliffs you can literally see their determination, despite possibly stumbling, to make it to the top of the mountain. They keep going. They push on. If the work is hard to get to the top it doesn’t phase them. They soldier on and embrace the journey. They boss up to manage each step with precision as they know that is what must be done to reach the mountaintop.

It’s no coincidence that the energy of Capricorn is associated with the 10th house- the highest place in an astrological chart. To get to the top, one must be committed to excellence. A commitment to excellence means being disciplined, practical, ambitious, careful, and determined. Capricorn reminds us that our hard work pays off when we’re committed to doing what needs to be done.

Capricorn also reminds us that stepping into our darkness is a natural part of our journeys. Every year our experience with seasons reminds us of nature’s cycles and our connection to them. There is a season and time for everything, including one where things must die, be restricted, and be conserved. Winter’s shorter days, longer nights, and colder weather meant life or death to our early ancestors for it put into perspective whether they had done the appropriate work in the preceding seasons. Did what they planted, tended to, and harvested render enough crops to sustain them once the cold came? Would there be enough to last them until Spring?

Proverbially, we are tasked at this time with figuring out if the seeds of intention we planted back in Aries season, tended to during Cancer season, and harvested during Libra season are good to last us until Aries season comes again. Whether we like it or not this can mean we are more prone to conserving and restricting in order to hold on to what we need to survive our dark times.

For some people this is a time to go into isolation or hibernation; to gather oneself in solitude. The very fine line that exists between solitude being healthy and helpful and it being depressive and painful is especially pronounced as the Sun in Capricorn squares Chiron in Aries. How can we go into our darkness, endure the cold that awaits there and come out on the other side refreshed and healed? How can we deal directly with our wounds in the darkness so that when the light is shining again there are no scars?

The amazing reminder here is that as the Sun in Capricorn at Winter Solstice reaches its southernmost point, it also begins to slowly rise. The longest night gives way to days beginning to slowly get longer. The light is slowly beginning to creep in. This is symbolic of a dark night of the soul being the bottom we need to reach the top; it being darkest before dawn. We are reminded at this time that if we sit with our darkness a little longer and endure the cold our reprieve is coming. We will bask in the warmth of the light again. Dark times surely won’t and don’t last long.

So what is here for us to find in the solitude and quiet of our darkness? What blessings are within in the blizzard? The discovery of our inner tenacity, strength, reserve, resilience, and drive that keeps us pushing forward. The stellium of planets and points in Capricorn is working us hard with a purpose. The heavier the weights we are able to lift the stronger we become. What weight needs lifting off of you? How strong are you about to prove yourself to be? Be bold and brave enough to find out.

Venus Conjunct Saturn in Capricorn: Getting Serious About What We Value

At 5:04 am Eastern Time this morning , Venus, the planet of values and connections joined forces with Saturn, the planet of time, karma, responsibility, commitment and hard work in perfect energetic alignment in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn.

The sobering and serious energy of this alignment is neither light nor superficial. This energy asks that we examine our values, attachment to possessions, connections with people, and patterns of commitment or lack thereof. This is essentially an audit of our integrity within partnerships and a taking stock of worthiness. Does what we tangibly, emotionally, and mentally possess fulfill us? Or are we out of alignment with what we truly desire?

Ask yourself:

How serious is my commitment to the people and things I value?

What responsibility am I taking to show unconditional love in my relationships?

What are the consequences of not acting in integrity with those I love?

What karma have I fulfilled through my connections?

Saturn and Venus want you to get real about your value systems and your ability to commit to that which you truly admire and want. Sometimes when we are far too frivolous and callous in terms of how we spend our money and what people we give attention to we lose a sense of groundedness and authenticity. Do we want what we want because we really want it? Or are our desires just shadow puppets of what we think we want because we see everyone else having it?

Figure it out. The universe is urging you to do so.

Jupiter in Capricorn: The Lessons Are The Blessings

photo by Illy Vish

A few days ago, Jupiter left its home sign of Sagittarius and entered the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn, where it will remain until December 19th, 2020. This changed Jupiter’s expression from one of adventuring for truth to accepting responsibility and discipline. The transfer into a much denser and more sobering expression of Jupiter from a more spirited and free expression is already easy to feel.

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Jupiter, the planet of expansion, blessings, knowledge, and growth will merge with the energies of Capricorn.- the sign of structure, management, bossing up, karma and responsibility- calling on us to take its lessons seriously. We may have to experience setbacks, delays, or blows to our reputations or a myriad of other restrictive occurrences that are ultimately beneficial to our growth.

The value in our growth will not be able to be denied with this transit. Neither will the work for it.

This transit very much has the flavor of our lessons being our blessings. And over the next year, what can we expect to learn? A look at your birth and progressed charts will give you a specific understanding of this, but there are some things we can look at on a collective scale, particularly for the day Jupiter went into Capricorn.

The chart for Jupiter’s ingress into Capricorn.

On December 2nd, 2019 at 2:07 pm Eastern Time, Jupiter entered Capricorn while squaring Chiron, trining Uranus, and conjuncting Ceres, Venus and the South Node. The square to Chiron indicates this transit activating our inner warrior alchemist and perhaps doing so in a less than comfortable way. We’re not all necessarily going to like this activation given its call for us to boss up and take responsibility for our healing process, but those who have already begun their commitment to their healing will be given the task of figuring out how to responsibly take an active role in the process.

The wounds we need to overcome are often due to a lack of structure, boundaries, accountability and integrity on our parts. Given that Aries and Capricorn energy both have a soldiering essence about them as well as the will and desire to get things going, the square between Chiron and Jupiter can overwhelmingly compel us to action. Our wounds may feel more pronounced, deeper situated, and more incensed than usual because Jupiter is putting us on notice that we’ve got to tend to them or face proverbial infection, amputation, and even death- all consequences of avoiding the responsibility of healing.

How nasty and infected have you let your wound get while avoiding responsibility? You’re about to find out.

Aiding in the sense of urgency to responsibly address our wounds, Jupiter is trine Uranus in the value-oriented sign of Taurus. The electric shock of Uranus pushing us out of our comfort zones due to the fixed and stubborn nature of Taurus will have us needing to be innovative in our approach to healing. This electric shock of sorts indicates a “ready or not” sense of urgency reminding us that we can’t escape Jupiter’s lessons and will be impacted by them in ways that force our growth.

Jupiter’s wide conjunction to Ceres, Venus, and the South Node invites us to examine how we’ve sacrificed our true value by continuing outdated patterns. We’re being shown how we’re relying too much on the past; be it old habits, antiquated ways of thinking, or karmic connections. Jupiter is expanding our need to be accountable for both our clinging to old toxic behavior and us using the wisdom we’ve garnered through that experience to recognize what, if anything, has been beneficial to us. Capricorn energy wants to manage things appropriately and Jupiter wants to bless us with opportunities to do so.

Super Boss energy is available to you during this transit. Seize it and use it wisely!

Jupiter joining Pluto, which has been in Capricorn since 2008, and Saturn which has been in the sign of the goat since 2017, is also very significant. Pluto in Capricorn set us on a path of destroying and rebuilding structures and boundaries that were outdated and owning up to being the boss of our personal transformation. Saturn returning home to Capricorn reminded us that working in integrity, doing our due diligence and committing to the hard work of a job well done will ultimately reward and strengthen us and our ability to make things manifest. Jupiter is punctuating those themes and asking that we have greater faith in our abilities to be patient, prudent, dependable, disciplined, competent, and focused upon the real work we need to do.

So where are you in need of a super boost of “boss up and take responsibility energy”? Taking a look at where Jupiter will touch your chart for the year it’s in Capricorn will give you insight, but here are some general interpretations for Jupiter in Capricorn transiting through each house:


Jupiter transits to the house of self in general can literally result in gaining weight. In Capricorn, Jupiter will help you reap the consequences of previous bad behavior that has worked against your sense of self and/or physical self. This could result in a new sense of discipline regarding how you carry and present yourself. You also could be rewarded for having taken positive action in recognizing some unconscious reckless behavior while Jupiter was in your 12th house when it was in Sagittarius. Jupiter is poised to set you up for public embarrassment if you act irresponsibly with this transit. Have integrity about who you are and how you present yourself to the world.


Jupiter transits to the second house in general can typically result in blessings in wealth, money, possessions and self-worth. In Capricorn, Jupiter will want to bless you with a more responsible approach to what you value. Lessons on money management and your ability to earn more effectively are likely. Jupiter doesn’t just want you to earn more money, it wants you to be more responsible with earning and handling your money. This transit will not hesitate to help you fall flat on your face in regards to possessions and having things if you don’t act responsibly and with integrity. If you’re being reckless with your finances you will be made heavily aware of that during this transit.


Jupiter transits to the third house in general tend to grant blessings in short-term travel, communicating and receiving new ideas, interactions with neighbors and/or siblings, and writing. Jupiter in Capricorn will encourage you to use new ideas and ways to communicate to more firmly establish yourself as a person of authority with what you know and say. Lessons may surround doing your due diligence with research before espousing anything, or in other words, working hard on what you know so that you can speak on it with confidence. Jupiter will help you put your foot right in your mouth if you don’t know what you’re talking about. Writers especially should use this time to put work into their craft.


Woman in bed wearing sleeping mask

Jupiter transiting the fourth house generally brings blessings as it pertains to our comfort, family, homes, security, immediate possessions and creature comforts. In Capricorn, the sense of security will be heightened. Jupiter here wants to conserve what it has while simultaneously wanting more of what gives it a sense of stability. Jupiter also wants to appreciate the value of home and safety. You could feel compelled to to make improvements to your home or look to invest in buying one. You also may feel compelled to examine your emotional connections to others, namely women, and whether or not they feel safe. Unchecked boundaries in the home and in close connections are going to come up for a harsh examination whether you like it or not.


Jupiter transits to the fifth house generally are known for blessings of excitement, fun, romance and peaks in creative energy expression. In Capricorn, an air of seriousness descends upon this Leo-ruled house which may perhaps help you turn a hobby into a business or a fling into a more serious partnership. When you can build something of substance from a place of passion and creativity, you’re setting yourself up to truly love the process and work it takes to get there. Caution against committing yourself to any creative endeavors or situations that you’re not trying to plant yourself in for more than just a whim. Be honest with people you date if you’re just trying to have fun and don’t want anything serious. Jupiter will not hesitate to slap you where it hurts with the consequences of appearing more involved and committed than you are.


Transits by Jupiter to the sixth house tend to bring blessings of improvement to our day-to-day routines and health as well as an increased initiative to be of help and serve others. How much could you benefit from a tightening up of structures in your routine and health regiment? This transit has the potential to both bless you with the appropriate information and circumstances to perfect healthier habits and more effective time-management skills. The small details will become more important as you take the reigns of control in you daily life. Just be careful not to become too pompous and critical of others not on the same mission to improve their health and well-being. Being overbearing will backfire.


Jupiter moving through the Libra-ruled house of one-to-one partnerships and relationships brings blessings through relationships and greater opportunities to learn about oneself through those connections. The seventh house isn’t just about romantic partnerships, but partnerships of all kinds and this transit also applies to friendships and business partnerships. Legal matters also come to the fore. The Capricorn essence with Jupiter will encourage better management of partnerships and relationships and inspire us to take more responsibility in them. This energy could certainly bring an end to connections where control issues and/or lack of respect and integrity were present. Guard against trying to forcefully dominate your relationships by trying to control your partners.


Jupiter transiting the house of Pluto and Scorpio tends to bring a highlight of one’s issues with power, personal transformation, psychological health, sexuality and joint finances. Capricorn’s influence here will add a strictness and seriousness that allows you to better handle that which may have previously been difficult to face or manage. Jupiter’s expansion of Scorpionic themes can be intense and bring to the surface all sorts of psychological wounds that have been left unchecked. This energy can compel you to dig into the heart of matters that are in need of restructuring and healing which can lead to a feeling that scabs and scars are being reopened. This is all for your greater good so allow what comes up to come up without trying to force it back down. Be brave and unafraid to face darker aspects of yourself.


Jupiter transits to the ninth house typically bring new opportunities to travel, learn or teach, experience different cultures, and expand horizons. Religious and spiritual exploration and growth are also very likely. The essence of Capricorn here lends a seriousness to any adventures we undertake. Jupiter here wants us to embrace our abilities to use the information we learn and are exposed to to give ourselves a better foundation for our endeavors. We may be exposed to people who will be beneficial to our learning and help us explore new concepts suitable for cultivating a better quality of life. Be careful not to get so carried away with taking on new things and exploring that you wind up stretching yourself too thin .


Jupiter transiting the 10th house can generally bring a boost to status and career. In this position Jupiter wants to bless you with expanding your visibility to the world. In Capricorn, this transit is super status oriented and is concerned with prestige and clout, but not of the fleeting or superficial sort. This Jupiter transit wants you to put in the work! To reap the appropriate rewards, you’ve got to be focused, dedicated, persistent and live from a space of integrity. The tenth house is the highest place in the chart and therefore the most visible. It is also the house that Capricorn naturally rules. This concentration of Cap energy is not one to play with as it is Saturn ruled. Be careful not to be too haughty or too full of yourself as Jupiter here can eat you alive and humble you quick with a blow to your reputation.


Jupiter making a transit through the 11th house of social circles, friends, groups, clubs, and activities generally brings out your inner networker and increases opportunities for your connections to bring help your way. You may also see an uptick in your circle of friends. This house is also associated with the internet and social media networking. In Capricorn, this transit may be highly beneficial for gaining friends in high places that can positively impact your career or social standing. You may also have a significant impact on groups or clubs you’re associated with. Use caution during this transit not to seek out connections just for the sake of using them for what they can offer you. Organically formed relationships will be much more beneficial.


Transits to the Piscean-ruled 12th house of what’s hidden and unseen typically bring forth blessings of better connectivity to your subconscious emotions, intuition, dreams, and self-destructive habits. During this transit an inclination to be more conscious of others may be present. In Capricorn, there’s a coolness to the transit of this house but also a feeling of compulsion to do things well in the realm of working behind the scenes to help others as well as ourselves. Your dreams may be very vivid so pay attention to them. During this time there may be a compulsion to keep things more of a secret. Be careful not to hide things from others that would create a sense of mistrust and suspicion. The potential for people to be harshly respond to any secrecy on your part will be strong.

The lessons are the blessings in this transit. Make sure to embrace them fully.

Summer Walker: An Astrological Breakdown Based on Her 2019 Solar Calendar

Press Photo of singer Summer Walker.

Let’s talk astrologically about Summer Walker and all the recent hoopla surrounding her social anxiety and cancellation of tour dates.

I wasn’t able to find a birth time for Summer, but she was born in Atlanta, Georgia on April 11th, 1996. I initially just used noon as her time of birth and moved her Sun to the ascendant since I used her Solar Calendar to take a look at everything she’s been going through this year. Using Summer’s Solar calendar, which breaks down her personal Spring, Fall, Summer, and Winter, only really requires her date of birth. And wow! When I looked at it, it made so much make sense!

Summer Walker on October 6, 2019 from her Instagram @summerwalker

Summer is a 21-22 degree Aries Sun (since the Sun moved from 21 to 22 degrees on her date of birth by 11:15 am). When we take a look at her recent cancellation of some of her US tour dates, this occurred on November 12th, 2019, which was at the tail end of Summer experiencing the first phase of her Solar Fall. Her Solar Fall began when the transiting Sun began opposing her natal Sun on October 14th, 2019, during Libra season. This Solar opposition timeframe, lasting from October 14th through November 13th was one of great pressure from within for Summer as well as internal conflict and disappointment. Oppositions, as I always say, are calls for balance and bring attention to us living at extremes. Given the demands of public life as an entertainer and Summer’s self-professed social anxiety, it’s easy to see that the extremes she has had to contend with had her feeling off-kilter internally.

Summer Walker performs a Tiny Desk Concert for NPR.

During this Opposition period of Summer’s Solar Fall, she recorded an episode of NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts on October 18, 2019. Holding on to a pink stuffed animal that no doubt provided comfort and support for Summer, she was quoted as saying, “Look, I’m really freaking excited to be here, but I have social anxiety like a motherfucker.” She later also said, “I’m freaked the hell out, I’m sweating, but this is so exciting for me.” It seemed very clear that Summer was trying her best to strike a balance between her personal (Aries) need to do what was best for her and also to be social enough (Libra) to give her audience a stunning performance.

On November 12th, 2019, the Sun was at 19 degrees of Scorpio, placing it in the Pisces decan and Gemini dwad. Summer’s underlying psychological conflict with her social anxiety and empathic struggles had to finally be fully communicated. The Aries/Libra axis of energy highlighting themes between self and relationship to the other was also heavily at play. She had already received heat after a November 8th post from a disappointed fan about her aloof behavior during a “Meet And Greet”, where she did not hug fans, prompting her to announce that she was an empath and that the constant transference of energy would “kill her” and also announcing that she would be canceling several dates on her First and Last tour.

Summer kept some of the dates on the tour including 11/25/19 in Toronto, 11/26/19 in Chicago, 11/27/19 in Royal Oak, and 12/2/19 in Boston, and tonite, 12/5/19 in Philly. All of these shows are still within Summer’s Solar Fall but are in the Quincunx portion of it, when the transiting Sun is aspecting her natal Sun by 150 degrees, indicating uncomfortable and unsettling energy that is actually annoyingly helpful to Summer. This period of her Solar Fall began on November 14th, 2019, when the Sun was at 21 degrees of Scorpio in the Cancer decan and Cancer dwad. This categorizes this portion of Summer’s Fall Quincunx as a time when suspicion, passive-aggressiveness, and an extreme need to protect herself and her emotional well-being are rampant. During this time period, Summer has been made fun of for her social anxiety, particularly after her November 17th shy and understated acceptance of her Soul Train Music Award for Best New Artist. It’s understandable that after experiencing so much criticism during her Solar Fall that Summer would feel guarded, suspicious, and seek to emotionally protect herself in front of a crowd.

Summer walker at the 2019 Soul Train Awards.

Her December 2nd, 2019 Boston House of Blues show was written about by Boston Globe columnist Jeneé Osterheldt describing Summer as having “hidden in plain sight while giving us the best she had for 60 minutes”. Osterheldst also remarks that Summer did a few dance moves but seemed most comfortable clutching her microphone and allowing two “dynamic pole dancers [to] put on a sultry show so she could sing our blues”. It seems Summer, even through her discomfort, discovered a way to boldly express herself in the performance without placing the focus entirely on her— characterizing the energy of a Sagittarius, Aries decan and Aries dwad day, as it were. This clearly shows Summer embracing her Quincunx portion of her Solar Fall lessons of using irritating and annoying energy to her benefit. Despite eyes on her during her show, she managed to keep the visual aesthetic conducive to her music but without the focus being entirely on her.

December 3rd, 2019 post from Summer Walker’s Instagram showing the audience singing along.
Jeneé Osterheldt, Boston Globe columnist on Summer Walker’s December 2nd, 2019 performance at the House of Blues.

Tonite, Summer is in my hometown of Philadelphia doing a show. I really wish I could go. The Sun is at 13 degrees of Sagittarius today in the Aries decan and Taurus dwad, and she’s still in the Quincunx portion of her Solar Fall. Hopefully, Summer uses the energy tonite to embrace the value that being honest about her personal struggles with social anxiety have brought about. She has found ways to continue on the remaining shows without totally disappointing her fans as well as giving herself the freedom and space she needs to perform. That’s admirable asf.

Summer Walker on performing.
A November 10th, 2018 post from Summer Walker’s Twitter.

Also, Chiron is conjunct her Saturn, as it has been since it’s ingress into Aries, aiding in her finding ways to work within a structure that best exposes her wounding and reveals to her new ways to work through that wound that was previously unseen or consciously disregarded. If I keep her Sun on her ascendant in her chart, her 0 degree Saturn is in her 12th house, as is her 13 degree Mars and 17 degree South Node. The moon, at showtime, is at 3 degrees Aries, transiting her 12th house and conjunct her Saturn. Hopefully, Summer keeps her cool and doesn’t allow anyone to disrupt this new sense of structure she’s established during this part of her fall. If the Philly audience gets rowdy and impulsive, as we tend to get even without the moon being in Aries, there’s a chance that Summer will feel her sense of security is threatened which could potentially have her pop off. My fingers are crossed that my city behaves itself tonite so that Summer can be ready for her upcoming New York shows on December 7th and 8th.

A November 24th, 2019 Instagram post from Summer.

Her last show on December 22nd, 2019, takes her back home to Atlanta. This show will occur during the final phase of her Solar Fall, which is a Trine Phase. The easy energy of this trine can either produce a benefit or cause laziness and misfortune. I’ll write more about this last show and my thoughts about Summer’s birth chart in a part 2.

Astrology Book Recommendations for Beginners

I get a lot of questions from people about what books they should read when they are starting to dive deeper into their understanding of Astrology. Here are a few books I think people should start with:


You may not be a dummy, but Astrology is easier to learn when it’s explained to you like you’re one!

This is the book I recommend for anyone who is serious about learning the basics of Astrology who wants it explained simply. Don’t be put off by the title! This book seriously breaks down basics for you and is easy to follow and understand! To order it, click here.


It’s not the only one you’ll need but one of the first I think you should read.

This was one of the first astrology books I ever read, though at that time I was only familiar with Sun Sign only Astrology. I’ve found that coming back and reading it after studying astrology for a few years now, it still stands out as a book providing a solid basis into understanding Astrology. To purchase it, click here.


Yes, a coloring book be
cause no matter how old you are coloring is calming!

This fun coloring book allows you to immerse yourself into Astrology through the relaxing activity of coloring. Learn how colors associate with signs and have a good time while doing it! To get this book, click here.


Yes, indeed. FOR. THE. SOUL.

One of the best books on understanding the North & South Node and how they set the tone for not only your natal chart but what habits you should be developing and which ones to leave behind. This is a definite must read! To purchase it, click here.

Once you’ve read these, there are a ton more I suggest for intermediate learners who have started to really digest their own chart and/or read the charts of others. I’ll share those at another time.