New Moon Blessings, loves!

I’ll keep this short and sweet.

On this New Moon ask yourself the following questions and declare your answers out loud or on paper:

✔What are the details of the life I see for myself?

✔What positive energy lies beneath my anger?

✔What parts of my receptive nature need some nurturing?

✔What should I focus on regarding my spiritual, emotional, and physical health?

✔What are my bad habits directing me to change and create for myself?

✔What do I know for sure about my personal power?

✔What is my intuition telling me about the direction my life should take?

✔How can I cleanse my physical and emotional spaces?

✔What do I love about myself that is perfectly imperfect?

May the energy of this New Moon give you the wisdom of discernment and the power to move steadily into the future.

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