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Hi, I’m Illy! I created Spiritual Gangsta Certified to increase astrological & spiritual  knowledge to help people heal and thrive so they may have more fulfilling lives.

My Story

My name is Jan├ęt (pronounced Juh-nay) Jones but I also go by Illadelphia or “Illy” Vish. In 2012, I had my spiritual awakening after going through years of trauma and inauthentic living that caused me to lose everything. My awakening spawned intensive study in Astrology, esoteric & metaphysical concepts as well as psychology.

In 2017, after years of astrological and spiritual study and practice “on the low” I decided to start a movement to help teach the concepts that literally helped to save my life and Spiritual Gangsta Certified was born. It has since grown into a podcast, movement, and Facebook community with over 118K followers. I am humbled and honored to reach so many with the beauty of Astrology and spirituality.

My Personal Commitment

Astrological & Spiritual Education

Whether you receive a reading, coaching, or course from me you will be given a wealth of astrological and spiritual knowledge that will allow you to be well-versed and comfortable with discussing these topics.

Integrity & Honesty

I believe in being honest, even when it isn’t convenient to be so. Honesty allows for truth to be best used for change and healing. I will effectively deliver even harsh truths with love, grace, and tact.


It was clear to me at a very young age that I am here to help heal people. As a healer, my responsibility is to help you uncover the parts of you that you already possess to heal yourself.

My Approach

I am a straight shooter committed to acting and speaking in love for the human spirit and experience. While I understand that we are all connected, I specialize in connecting to your individual astrological energy as a means of giving you proper guidance and tools to live your best life.

Any 1 on 1 work I do is personalized and tailored to meet the energetic, emotional, and spiritual needs of the individual I’m working with. I use both birth and progressed charts, as well as any other personal and applicable astrological chart castings, to cater to clients. This allows for me to best understand and help clients to achieve desired outcomes, overcome difficulties, heal trauma, and get into better flow with life.

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