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We are committed to helping people learn astrological and spiritual concepts and habits that they can use practically in their every day lives. We empower people to embrace their unique energy to allow their inner “G” to emerge.

Helping You Unleash

Your Inner Spiritual Gangsta

Astrological & Spiritual Life Coaching

We offer a range of monthly astrological and spiritual coaching services to help provide you with appropriate guidance to navigate your life

Astrology Courses

From astrology basics to compatibility,  sex, and understanding transits, our courses will help you understand and practically use astrology.


Astrology & Spirituality Merchandise

Looking for unique t-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, and even home decor? Shop our store today and find the perfect gift for the astrology or spiritual lover in you.

About Us

Our Mission:


We believe in the absolute badass, resilient, spectacular, & amazing inner gangsta that is inside each and every one of us and are committed to helping people tap into it through astrological & spiritual teaching, coaching, & encouragement.

Our mission is to spread astrological, esoteric, & spiritual knowledge to the masses that can be used practically to help people have more fulfilling lives. We do that by creating media, courses, content, readings, & reports to assist individuals on their spiritual journeys and by providing a community for them to find a home in. We believe that spiritual & astrological acuity is key to overcoming trauma & living one’s best life.

Understand your astrological energy

Connect Astrology to spiritual concepts

Use Astrology & Spirituality practically

Have a more fulfilling life

Goal Setting

Find out how to best use astrological energy to better set goals

Relationship Coaching

Gain insight astrologically & spiritually into having better relationships

Stress Management

Learn helpful ways to manage stress using astrology & spirituality

Career Guidance

Receive astrological & spiritual guidance to have your dream career

What Does Spiritual Gangsta Certified Offer? 


From birth chart readings to a podcast that features some of the best and brightest minds in the spiritual and astrological communities, Spiritual Gangsta Certified is a one-stop-shop for those embarking upon or continuing their journey towards understanding self.

We offer comprehensive services and resources to best help you discover your innate greatness and provide you with tools to confidently assert your greatness to the world.

Astrology & Spiritual Readings

We offer a variety of readings to help you understand and successfully navigate astrological energy.

Spiritual Gangsta Certified Podcast & YouTube Channel

The Spiritual Gangsta Certified podcast is a raw, honest and straight-forward show about all things spiritual, astrological, tarot, hermetic, metaphysical, esoteric, and “witchy” with some of the best Spiritual Gangstas in the spiritual community today. We love combining music and spirituality! Hosted by our founder, astrologer and writer, Illy Vish.

Astrological & Spiritual Coaching
  1. We offer a range of monthly astrological & spiritual coaching to help you better navigate your life.
Astrology & Spiritual Articles

Articles on astrological transits, spiritual mindfulness, and esoteric concepts to help you better understand and navigate your spiritual journey. 

Merchandise & Courses

Merchandise to reflect and express your inner spiritual gangsta plus astrological and spiritual courses to expand your inner knowing.

The Astro G Ladies Roundtable Discussions

The Astro G Ladies Roundtable Discussions on the Spiritual Gangsta Certified YouTube channel and podcast, feature astrological and spiritual conversations and analysis geared towards promoting the practical application of astrology in everything. From discussions on astrological transits to the breakdown of charts of celebrities and other notable people, the discussions feature astrologers Marie Rousseau and Janét Jones, and guest astrologers, spirituality, and more.

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Pluto & Saturn: Social Impact

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About Our Founder

Spiritual Gangsta Certified was created by our resident Astrologer, podcast host, and original content contributor, Illy Vish (Janét Jones) in 2017 as a means of sharing knowledge and experiences she had gained on her spiritual journey.

A professional astrologer for more than 8 years, Illy provides astrology, card, and pendulum readings, monthly astrology coaching, astrology courses, as well as written, graphic, audio & video content to help people better understand astrological energy. Illy is passionate about astrology & teaching people to use it to successfully navigate their lives.

“Received a legitimately life-changing and insightful birth chart interpretation! Highly recommended!”

– Ari Chavez

“Highly gifted. The amount of insight was incredible. I’ve always known a bit about my inherent nature, and the way I move through the world, but this reading brought a greater clarity that allows me to move forward with more certainty. I cannot recommend enough.”

– Tresenia Griffin

“If you’re thinking about getting a reading from Janét, absolutely do it. She is an intelligent, gifted healer with an incredible amount of knowledge about astrology. Not only does she possess the knowledge, but she clearly possesses the intuition paired with an ability to communicate it in a way that makes you feel both inspired and cared for. She is thorough in her work and generous in her teachings. It’s clear that she puts her heart and soul into her readings; and that this is what she’s meant to do.”

– Nancy Jay

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The Spiritual Gangsta Certifed podcast is a raw, honest and straight-forward show about all things spiritual, astrological, tarot, hermetic, metaphysical, esoteric, and “witchy” with some of the best Spiritual Gangstas in the spiritual community today.


Our blog features astrology and spirituality articles about astrological happenings, how to best use energy, health and wellness, and a variety of subjects pertinent to having a successful and meaningful spiritual journey. Subscribe to get all the latest articles as soon as they are posted!

Spiritual Ceremonies

From Weddings & House Blessings to Spiritual Cleansing Sessions & Baby Blessings, we conduct spiritual ceremonies catered to your specifications. Ordained ministers, Reiki practitioners, and spiritual officiants are available for your next special occasion.

Learn Your Energy. Embrace Your Energy. Take Charge Of Your Life. Reward Yourself.

Learning your astrological energy helps you to better understand your habits, repeated patterns, reactions, and approach to life and situations you encounter. Knowing how to work with your energy appropriately allows you to confidently take the reigns of your life of navigate like a pro.

A key factor in mastering your life is knowing yourself. The first step in self-knowledge begins with understanding the energy you came into being with. Take the leap into self-discovery.

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