Can you feel the heat?

It may now be Fall, but the Full Moon in Aries taking place on October 1st, 2020 at 5:05 pm eastern is reminding us that the fire of Mars, the ruler of this moon, is very prominent and ready and willing to heat things up in our lives.

The Aries Full Moon be like…

The Full Moon in Aries is opposing the Sun in Libra. This is essentially the influence of Mars opposing the influence of Venus; the theme of projective energy needing to come into harmony with receptive energy. Oppositions are calls for balance and in the case of this full moon, we are called upon to balance the following:

  • Ego and Emotion
  • Doing and Feeling
  • Projective Energy and Receptive Energy
  • Drive and Appreciation
  • Self and Relationship to Other
  • Providing and Receiving

While balance and harmony are especially key, with this full moon occurring during Libra Season, release is heavily highlighted given that this moon occurs in the sign of Aries, while its ruler, Mars, is at home and retrograde in Aries. Adding to this intensity is the moon’s conjunction with Chiron, also retrograde in Aries.

Since the moon rules our natural and instinctual emotions, as well as our need for comfort, our relationship to mother and family, and our receptive essences, it being situated in fiery and impulsive Aries can bring not only a compulsion to be emotionally reactive but emotionally explosive. While I’ve warned everyone to exercise extra caution until January 1st, 2021, when Mars’ retrograde cycle has left its second shadow period, it’s particularly important to be aware of what is boiling under the surface for you right now in regards to your emotions, family relationships, and your sense of comfort. Any challenges in these areas can spark the powder keg to any unaddressed or suppressed feelings needing to be released. This can either be a good or a bad thing depending on how you opt to handle the energy.

Chiron, the wounded healer, is aligning with this moon to remind us that we need to be brave enough to face that which we normally have a hard time facing, all for the greater good of our healing. As a reminder, Chiron’s 8 year stay in the sign of Aries represents:

Our healing emotionally is ultimately dependent upon our willingness to initiate and be an active participant in it. Under the light of this full moon we are granted the opportunity to use Chiron in Aries’ warrior alchemist energy to be profoundly impacted emotionally. As it is retrograde, the energy is being pushed within, which may feel to some to be an internal war between the part of ourselves that wishes to brood, sulk, and attack others for our wounds and the part of ourselves that bravely stands up knowing we must take responsibility for our healing by willingly allowing ourselves to be baptized in the fire of our undealt with anger, emotional wounds, disappointments, and suffering. Are you brave enough to build the fire you must cast yourself into in order to come to a place of healing, or will you choose to blame others and toss them in instead?

Hopefully, you choose the former.

In no way am I implying that our wounds are in all cases our fault, moreover, I am saying our healing is our responsibility, regardless of who caused the wound. If someone shot you, would you demand that they fix your wound until you bled out, or would you instead be concerned about seeking medical attention yourself immediately? As the moon makes its way into an exact square aspect with Jupiter, then Pluto by October 2nd, whatever wound needs tending to will feel more pronounced and scream for your attention. By the time the moon makes an exact square to Saturn, newly direct and at home in Capricorn, at 1:47 am eastern on October 3rd, you should be clear on whether or not you’re ready, willing, and able to take responsibility for your healing. You’ll also be more aware of who around you is willing or not to work on their healing or chooses to simply lash out at others instead.

Ask yourself the following:

  • Am I aware of my wound(s) in such a capacity that I can face it/them head on?
  • Am I taking out my hurt(s) on others?
  • Are others taking out their hurt(s) on me?
  • Am I waiting on someone else, perhaps whomever hurt me, to be the one to take responsibility for my wound(s)?
  • Are others waiting on me to take responsibility for their wound(s)?
  • Can I be as passionate about helping myself heal as I have been about helping others to heal?
  • Can I commit to having patience with and empathy for those with misplaced anger?

If you are willing to embody the higher vibrations of Mars and Aries energy and be brave, bold, assert willpower, and have the courage to show up for yourself and your healing, there is tremendous potential for you to let go of what has been holding you back from it. Be not afraid, dear one. You’ve got this!

Now, walk into that fire, beloved.

Need help navigating the energy of this Full Moon In Aries and want to know how it’ll personally affect you? Schedule a reading with me and I’ll help you to understand how you can best use this energy based on your natal and/or progressed chart.

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