New Moon Blessing’s, loves!

On April 11th, 2021 at 10:30 pm eastern, the Moon will join the Sun at 22 degrees and 24 minutes of the cardinal fire sign of Aries and we will experience the New Moon in Aries. New moons are traditionally looked at as times for fresh starts and new beginnings. Outward expression (the Sun) aligns with emotional processing (the Moon) giving forth opportunities for us to give life to our inner world by projecting it into the outer world. In the sign of Aries, this energy ready to get up and out and refuses to be contained or restrained. After all, the Mars-ruled cardinal fire essence of Aries is not afraid to take initiative, get moving, and bring the heat. How can we use this energy to direct that fire appropriately?

Hopefully, not like this, though

The Moon and Sun are both joined by Mercury and Venus in Aries, bringing communication, thought processes, values, money, and relationships into the mix. Though a wide conjunction, the luminaries’ interaction with Mercury can heat up conversations and debates into arguments and outbursts that can burn hot and fast. This is especially interesting given that Venus is also in Aries adding relationships and money/values into the mix. This can manifest as:

  • Arguments about money
  • Arguments in close relationships
  • Impulsive decisions surrounding money
  • Impulsive decisions surrounding relationships
  • The urge to speak up and stand up for ourselves in relationships
  • The urge to spend time or money on ourselves

The influence of Mars in Gemini sextile all this Aries energy is punctuating communication issues as well as any issues we have regarding expressing ourselves and having the autonomy and freedom to move about as we see fit. The openness of Gemini energy to collecting and disseminating information, fueled by Mars and Aries, means these issues will most certainly seem urgent. What do you feel compelled to express? This is what this moon is asking us to examine.

Yeah, kinda like that.

In no way am I encouraging everyone to explode or blurt out something they can’t really take back after it’s said, but what I am encouraging people to do is recognize the energy that’s present and channel it productively. There won’t be any way to avoid this Aries and Mars-themed atmosphere so our best bet is to direct it towards the parts of our lives most in need of a boost of initiative, motivation, drive, and immediate action. Where in your life could you use this energy?

Before you answer that question, I want you to also consider that Jupiter is sextile this New Moon, the Sun, and Venus, as well as trine Mars. The grand and larger-than-life influence of Jupiter can bring both blessings AND excess. This influence adds a no-holds-barred flavoring to what already is pretty impatient, impulsive, and disruptive energy. Would you rather have disruptions to the areas of your life you have a pretty firm standing in or would you rather have disruptions to the stagnant areas that need a refreshing kick-start? If you choose the former, make sure you’re considering the consequences of what you say or how you make moves. Choosing the latter presents you with the opportunity to inject a boost of confidence, rejuvenation, force, and direction into whatever you wish to bring into being.

A square to all this Aries energy by Pluto in Capricorn ensures that proper direction of our will, drive, resources, and energy will lead us to profound transformation. But in order for this transformation to occur, old boundaries, rules, and structures have to die. This can feel like an inner battle for control of your existing workflow; a challenge to inner management to restructure the proverbial company. Are you firing the right habits? Keeping the parts of you that are driven and willing to go hard for yourself? What part of you wins the bid for CEO in the corporation of you and what direction are they leading the company in? This is the challenge of this energy.

Though this moon will affect everyone a bit differently depending on your birth and progressed charts, my advice to the collective is to use this initiating energy to speak up for and act out on your desires. Channel the flames of Aries towards kicking something into gear that you’ll not only stand behind but be willing to fight for. I’ve created a New Moon In Aries 2021 playlist to inspire you to embody the driving force of all this Mars-ruled energy. I’ve been listening to it as I’ve been tackling work I’ve been putting off and while cleaning and exercising. The songs contain the spirit of drive, movement, desire, sex, and in some cases even violence, however, these Aries themes aid in revving up our willingness to spring into action and propelling us into action.

May you use this energy wisely and fully. May you benefit from your choice to stand up and out for yourself and what you want. May you see and feel the value of being affirmed in who you are and what you stand for in the world. May the blessings of your actions rain down upon you as strongly as your will to have them and may you be deeply transformed for being brave enough to go for what you desire.

Need help navigating the energy of this New Moon In Aries and want to know how it’ll personally affect you? Schedule a reading with me and I’ll help you to understand how you can best use this energy based on your natal and/or progressed chart.

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