Moon Magic:

Honoring The Feminine

An event dedicated to honoring your feminine energy. Featuring Illy Vish, Marie Rousseau, & The Virgin Priestess.

July 10th, 2021

3 PM to 7 PM Eastern

Honoring The Energy Of The Feminine








Join us for an event combining Astrology, Spirituality, and Womb Healing as we celebrate feminine energy and Cancer Season.

Event Hosts

Illy Vish

Illy Vish

Astrologer/ Writer/ Podcast Host at Spiritual Gangsta Certified

Janét (pronounced Juh-nay) Jones who also goes by Illadelphia or “Illy” Vish had a spiritual awakening after going through years of trauma and inauthentic living that caused her to literally lose everything. Her awakening spawned intensive study in Astrology, esoteric & metaphysical concepts as well as psychology.

In 2017, after years of astrological and spiritual study and practice “on the low” she decided to start a movement to help teach the concepts that literally helped to save her life and Spiritual Gangsta Certified was born. It has since grown into a podcast, movement, and Facebook community with over 200K followers. She is humbled and honored to reach so many with the beauty of Astrology and spirituality.

Marie Rousseau

Marie Rousseau

Owner and Host of Astrology and Life Transformative "The Egoist Podcast"

Student of Cozmophyzix Astrology founded by Ra Akhu and advocate for women and minorities in the field of astrology and occult sciences, Marie is a creative entrepreneur with interests in music, art and film. She believes everything serves a purpose and there is no such thing as “good” or “bad”, just desirable and undesirable.

Marie’s consultations have been described as to the point, enlightening and a “no bullshit” stance, giving people what they NEED to hear and not what they want to hear. She’s the pep talk you need and uses the oldest science in the world to do so, Astrology. She’s an avid writer, a student of Astrology and the Occult Sciences. She believes her greatest achievement is being a mother of three amazing boys and one amazing daughter. She stands by her integrity and “No Judgement” attitude.

The Virgin Priestess

The Virgin Priestess

Womb Priestess, Charm Reader & Podcast Host

Adrieanna, The Virgin Priestess, is a womb healer and spiritual intuitive but her specialty is charm casting. She helps women deal with trauma and teaches them how to communicate with and tune into their womb spaces. She is the creator and co-host of The Toke’n Priestess Podcast.

Womb healing was a gift given to her by the divine and it came through as she dove really deep into her shadow work and familial trauma. Shadow work and familial trauma are two things she believes go hand in hand. She teaches that we inherit trauma from our elders and that biological females store so much of that in our wombs.

illy vish
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