March 17th, 2019 Energy Update

ENERGY UPDATE: For people like me with heavy Pisces energy, dissolving into the oneness of everything is super easy. With the Sun, Mercury, Vesta, and Neptune in the hazy waters of the two fishes it may seem more difficult than usual for some to set or maintain appropriate boundaries.

Luckily, all this current Pisces energy is sextiling the South Node, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn as well as sextiling Mars in Taurus. The opportunity present here is to draw upon the intuitive, imaginative and creative parts of yourself to form, establish & reestablish workable and sustainable structures that help you actually manifest in the physical what you dream about having. You’re more than capable of doing the work necessary to have what you want. The boundaries you put in place should reflect your current energetic vibration. If you’re operating from the lower vibrations of jealousy, resentment, vengeance, etc., the boundaries you set will be the jail you cage yourself into.

Remember, Saturn, lord of time and karma, is still at home in Capricorn. Living in integrity is essential. If you work in integrity, Saturn will reward you. If you do not, Saturn has no problem reprimanding and bringing you your karma. Saturn ate its own babies. It has no problem swallowing you whole.

All this Pisces energy is also in trine to the North Node in Cancer. It’s as if we’re being drawn into what our ideal sense of home feels like. What comforts us? What nurtures us? Who, what, and where feels like home to us? Allow your intuition to be your guide. Embrace your feelings and let them lead you to your inner awareness of what makes you comfortable, what feeds you, and what gives you the support you need to truly be you. Tap into your emotions. There’s a hidden treasure there waiting to be discovered that is more valuable than you realize.

Full Moon In Virgo

Full moon blessings to everyone!

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Chiron Enters Aries

Chiron transitioned from its 8 year stay in the intuitive and misty waters of Pisces into the Mars-ruled fires of Aries at 4:07 am ET on February 18th, 2019. As we emerge from a lengthy swim in the depths of our subconscious undercurrents and step into our inner warrior, we are called upon to take action in our own healing.

Over the next 8 years we’ll have to not only face who we are but we’ll have to unpack whether or not that identity is restrictive or revolutionary; whether it’s true to who we really are or an armor to protect us from doing our real work. And that real work is to own and accept responsibility for our healing and to do it sooner rather than later.

This urge to expedite actionable steps in our lives that will help us to heal ourselves and face that healing with a warrior’s spirit will be strong. Taking an honest look at ourselves and recognizing where we stand in the way of our own healing is necessary. We’ll be called upon to alchemize that which previously destroyed us into what heals us. Allow your warrior alchemist to emerge.

New Moon In Aquarius 2019


The New Moon In Aquarius will occur Monday, February 4th, 2019 at 15 degrees Aquarius at 4:03 pm ET. Mercury conjuncts the Sun and Moon calling upon us to process and communicate our sense of higher minded knowledge. How do we tap into the collective mind and draw inspiration? And how do we use collective knowledge to convey our originality? Find the space within that connects to the space without and use it as only you can.

Jupiter in Sagittarius’ sextile to the moon adds an extra blessing for new opportunities that allow what we see for ourselves to be actualized. What we give steady focus to is where we cast our power. What can we accomplish when we combine tenacity with adventure? Tap into the intellectual and imaginative parts of yourself. Finding where they meet holds all the answers.

The ruler of this New Moon is trine Venus, newly in Capricorn, adding an air suddenly of valuing what we can build and manifest. A chance for innovation and appreciation to emerge is highlighted. The moon’s ruler is also conjunct Mars in its home sign of Aries, prompting us to make proper use of our inner warrior. The unexpected should be expected but be careful not to jump to conclusions, lest you start a needless war with others. Knowing how to separate what we should take personally from what we shouldn’t is imperative. Understanding that we’re all seeking to assert our uniqueness will help you to realize that a challenge to your ideas isn’t condemnation of them or you, but rather an opportunity for you to be exposed to new ideas that could very well help you achieve your goals.


The Spiritual Gangsta Journey Begins

In March of 2012, I began having a spiritual awakening which was prompted by my therapist giving me a copy of the audio book Ask And It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks. I admit I was a little skeptical at first of how their discovery of Abraham and the teachings that followed came about. However, after digesting the information presented, I began to find value in the information and found that it deeply resonated with me.

Around that time I also developed a deep curiosity for Astrology and began to study it in depth. I discovered that my birth chart held the very keys to who I was as a person and became fascinated by what I was learning. After watching YouTube videos by Santos Bonacci tying astrology and other religious and esoteric concepts together, I began to see how everything was connected.


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton