I’m Janét Jones also known as illy vish

Astrologer at Spiritual Gangsta Certified

Helping You Learn & Use Astrology Practically

Spring Into Love: An Astrological Self-Love Workbook

This workbook was given out at an online event back in April 2020 to help women get a better handle on the energies within their birth charts that align them with loving themselves.

Click on the photo to download this amazing guide to using astrology to help better love yourself!

Saturn in Aquarius: Revolution & Rebellion Reign 

This practical workbook is designed to help you navigate Saturn’s transit through Aquarius by focusing on specific parts of your natal and/or progressed chart.

Click on the photo to download this helpful workbook and see how this transit will impact you. Recommended for intermediate astrology students.

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About Janèt (Illy)

Spiritual Gangsta Certified was created by our resident Astrologer, podcast host, and original content contributor, Illy Vish (Janét Jones) in 2017 as a means of sharing knowledge and experiences she had gained on her spiritual journey.


A professional astrologer for more than 9 years, Illy provides astrology, card, and pendulum readingsmonthly astrology coaching, astrology courses, as well as written, graphic, audio & video content to help people better understand astrological energy. Illy is passionate about astrology & teaching people to use it to successfully navigate their lives.



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The Astro G Ladies Roundtable

As an SGC Circle member you’ll get access to special live streams, courses, and readings featuring Illy and her astrologer friends Tiye Phoenix, Marie Rousseau, and Urka, The Golden Mystic. The astrological insight these ladies provide is both educational as well as entertaining.
Tiye Phoenix

Tiye Phoenix

Marie Rousseau

Marie Rousseau

Urka, The Golden Mystic

Urka, The Golden Mystic

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Get access to astrology pdf e-books and workbooks to help you netter navigate astrological transits and better understand how to read natal and other charts.

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