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One-size-fits-all coaching doesn’t work to best help you reach your highest potential and be exactly who you were born to be. Take the first step today on your journey towards true self-discovery and mastery!

About Janét Jones (Illy Vish)

In 2017, I founded Spiritual Gangsta Certified with the intention of imparting the knowledge and experiences I acquired during my spiritual journey which began during my Saturn Return.

With over 11 years of professional experience in astrology, I offer a range of services including astrology, card, and pendulum readings Additionally, I provide monthly coaching that incorporates Neuro-linguistic programming techniques, and Human Design analysis, astrology and self-betterment courses, and various forms of content such as written articles, graphics, audio, and video materials. My aim is to empower individuals by helping them gain a deeper understanding of astrological energy and its significance in their lives. My profound passion for astrology fuels my dedication to educating people and guiding them to effectively navigate their own paths using this powerful tool.

My Coaching Services

Career Coaching

Whether you’re seeking a career change, aiming for a promotion, or starting a new business venture, my astrological career coaching will empower you to make informed decisions. Gain clarity on your professional goals, overcome obstacles, and align your actions with the cosmic energies that influence your success.

Unlock the secrets of your birth chart and gain deep insights into your personality, strengths, and life path. My personalized astrology life coaching sessions will help you navigate challenges, overcome obstacles, and make empowered decisions aligned with your cosmic blueprint.

Whether you’re seeking to deepen a romantic partnership, improve family relationships, or cultivate meaningful connections, our astrology relationship coaching offers personalized guidance tailored to your unique circumstances. Unleash the transformative energies of the cosmos and align your relationships with the harmonious flow of the universe.


Are you ready to harness the power of celestial wisdom to attract wealth and abundance into your life based on your personal astrological energy? Look no further! I combine the insights of astrology with proven mindset techniques to help you break free from financial limitations and manifest the prosperity meant specifically for you.


Let’s Grow!

Healing oftentimes isn’t a straight line. It’s a spiral. Having help in your healing process increases your capacity to grow, learn, and evolve. I promise my full commitment to assisting you in your growth and will teach you to identify the blind spots that impede it.

Inner Happiness

Unlock inner happiness and lasting fulfillment through astrology. Discover your unique life purpose, heal past wounds, and cultivate a positive relationship with yourself and others.

Fulfilling Potential

Tap into the transformative wisdom of astrology to unlock your full potential and achieve success. Discover your unique talents, navigate life’s challenges, and create a fulfilling future.

Inner Peace

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Love Yourself

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My Coaching Philosophy

Together We Will

Through the perfect integration of astrology, Human Design, and Neuro-lingistic Programming, along with the influence ifspiritual, esoteric, and psychological concepts, I will work directly with you to help you navigate challenges and develop a healthy mindset and habits. Hand in hand we will embark on a fantastic journey towards uncovering and unlocking your absolute highest potential. You will emerge forever changed and magnificently transformed into the person you were born to be and with more awareness of yourself and your energy.

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Why Choose Me

My continued commitment to growth and self-improvement has helped me to identify the best paths to get people on for their own healing.

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My Blog

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Coaching by Janét Jones

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