Leo Season has brought us some pretty strong energies this year and as it nears its end, it still has some magnificence to bestow upon us.


The Moon joins the Sun home in the sign of the lion at 9:42 pm eastern on August, 18th, 2020. The alignment of the Sun (vitality, ego, conscious will) with the Moon (instinctual reactions, emotions, unconscious emotional processing) in the fixed fire sign of Leo grants us an opportunity to come into balance with our conscious and unconscious self-expression. Other Leo themes are:

  • Leadership
  • Playfulness
  • Courageousness
  • Pompousness
  • Creativity
  • Vitality
  • Bossiness
  • Childishness
  • Pride
  • Inflated Ego
  • Theatrics
  • Cheerfulness
  • Drama
  • Unconditional Love
  • Self-Centeredness
  • Childlike Wonder
  • Warmth
  • Benevolence
  • Laziness
  • Conceit
  • Magnanimity
  • Determination
  • Passion

As New Moons are associated with new beginnings, this moon carries with it the energy of getting a fresh start in regards to how we shine, express ourselves, embody unconditional love, and unleash the regal version of ourselves. If we use this energy correctly, by the time the Full Moon in Leo occurs 6 months from now in Aquarius season, we’ll be fully walking in our light, head held high, royal af.

Get used to your crown, love.

This New Moon in Leo is also conjunct Mercury in Leo, semi-square Venus in Cancer, trine Mars in Aries, quincunx Saturn retrograde in Capricorn, sextile the North Node in Gemini, and trine the South Node in Sagittarius.

The conjunction to Mercury highlights us aligning our thoughts and words with the spirit of unconditional love and grand, yet pure self-expression. What you’re thinking and speaking during this time is helping to determine the light that you will shine upon the world over the next year. Choose your thoughts and words carefully, ensuring that you are focused on the grand vision of yourself.

The moon’s semi-square to Venus indicates us being forced to deal with how we really feel about the value we have placed upon our authentic selves. Be honest with yourself about how you feel regarding your presence in the world. Are you playing too small? Too big? Do you feel seen, heard, and appreciated? Or do you feel ignored, undervalued, and unseen?

The New Moon’s trine to Mars in its home sign of Aries energizes us to assert ourselves in such a way that we are taking the spot we feel we deserve and standing up and out in our true authenticity. This is our time to not only feel that we are royalty, but to step out and be seen as such; to take our place on the throne.

Take that shit!

The quincunx to Saturn retrograde in Capricorn cautions us not to let our egos get the best of us. Yes, you are allowed to feel like royalty and to bask in that power, but remember that with great power comes great responsibility. Queens and Kings have a duty to work in integrity lest they be devoured by their haughtiness and dethroned. This aspect also reminds us that we are sowing the seeds of karma through the energy we embody. Is the version of you that you’re becoming one that you will be comfortable with when it comes to receiving back the energy you put out? Think about that carefully.

The sextile to the North Node in Gemini allows an opportunity for us to recognize where we’ve allowed our pride and fixed ways of being to get in the way of growth. New ideas and information that we gain through being open to others can help us to get where we’re meant to be. The trine to the South Node in Sagittarius reminds us how easy it is to have narrow tunnel vision regarding ourselves. Are we so focused on a singular vision of our greatness that we miss the important details that help us to actually reach that vision? Sorting all that out will be to your benefit.

Don’t get so transfixed by the light at the end of the tunnel that you miss something on the tracks that causes your train to derail. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

If we are to speak, act and live the essence of our inner Queen or King, we must not only be benevolent, but we must also be wise and passionate about how we wield our royal power. I wrote something the other day on Facebook that is resonant with this energy that I will leave you with:

“It’s becoming easier and easier for people to lose the privilege of speaking to me.

Does that sound cocky?

I can understand why some might take it that way, but, the truth is if you don’t hold yourself in high regard, establish and maintain appropriate boundaries, really understand and operate in your worth, or operate like your time and energy is valuable, people will “try it”.

They’ll try to manipulate you, suck the life out of you, use you for your resources and connections, project their shortcomings onto you, drain you of your energy, steal your ideas, start conflict just for sport, waste your time, gaslight you, and then smile in your face like you didn’t pick up on any of it.

Every second of time and ounce of energy you give to anyone doing any of the things I listed above, you are robbing yourself and those who truly love you of your time and energy. When you see yourself as valuable, you’ll not want to waste that value where it isn’t appreciated. You are precious. Your time is precious. Your energy is precious. Treat yourself as such.

When you walk in integrity and truth, aren’t you valuable? Isn’t it then a privilege to be in your presence? Does everyone deserve the privilege of your energy? Or your time?

This is not a pronouncement to make you get big headed or grow a fuck boy sized ego. It’s a reminder to get you to understand that setting and acknowledging your worth is imperative. When you set and acknowledge your worth you’re placing a proverbial pricetag on your time and energy. Can those around you afford your time and energy? Or are you constantly putting yourself on sale or even clearance? ðŸ¤”

When you’ve set and accepted your worth, you won’t have time or patience for those who try to undervalue you. To have anyone try feels like an insult. If your worth could be any fancy tangible item you could imagine in a store, what would that look like? Would it be in an easily accessible spot where everyone, even those with dirty hands, could touch it? Would it be where people could knock it over and break it, or maybe even steal it? Or would you protect it behind a secure display case ensuring that not just anyone could have access to it?

Beloved, you have amazing value. You not only need to see it, you have to SET IT and HOLD IT. You need to walk, talk, breathe, love and live in it. If you are Queen/King then you must act like one. And not everyone gets direct access to the Queen/King. ðŸ‘‘

So, is it becoming easier for you to see who should be losing direct access to you? Is it becoming easier for you to understand that it’s a privilege to talk to you; to know you, to have access to your energy?

It’s ok. I won’t think you’re cocky. What I’ll see is someone who knows their value just as much as I know mine and that’s truly a beautiful thing. ðŸ’šðŸ’šðŸ’š”

Need help understanding how this New Moon in Leo energy will impact your chart? Schedule a reading with me and I’ll help you to understand how you can best use this energy based on your natal chart.

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