At 1:31 pm eastern yesterday, the Sun and Moon aligned for the second time this year in the cardinal water sign of Cancer. This alignment again highlights the theme of taking initiative for the expression of our emotions and giving us new opportunities to let them flow.

Where have you been emotionally hesitant? What feelings are you newly aware of based upon what has occurred over the last 27 days? How can you use this awareness to be more in tune and in sync with the parts of yourself that are in need of fresh and new ways of thinking and communicating?

Be gentle with yourself but understand that it takes conscious hard work and awareness to build something concrete and lasting. Following your intuition and honoring your emotions leads to tangible results for your highest good.

Sorry I’m late posting this. A recent ankle injury has me resting and recuperating. I wish you all a blessed and prosperous new moon!

New Moon Music Vibe

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