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On Sunday, July 5th, 2020 at 12:43 AM the Sun in Cancer at 13 degrees and 37 minutes opposes the Moon in Capricorn giving us a full moon. Full moons always oppose the Sun and oppositions are always the Universe’s way to remind us that balance needs to be achieved. This particular lunation is also a lunar eclipse; a time when the fullness of the moon enters the shadow of the earth. But what does this mean?

Full moons are times of culmination and release. Full moon eclipses place the earth perfectly between the Sun and Moon; highlighting the shadow side of being out of balance- living at extremes. When we aren’t in harmony with the darkest and lightest parts of ourselves, we are off kilter. This imbalance calls for us to lighten the loads on either side until balance is achieved.

So with the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn the themes of harmony associated with this eclipse are:

  • Private Life vs Public Life
  • Emotional Expression vs Emotional Reservation
  • Home vs Career
  • Nurturing vs Personal Responsibility
  • Mother vs Father
  • Personal Life vs Business
  • Feelings vs Duty
  • Comfort vs Security

The Cancer/Capricorn axis is the Moon standing opposite Saturn; our natural emotional processes and reactions meeting up against traditions, self-responsibility, and integrity. This axis also poses the initiating heat of Summer, which Cancer represents, at odds with the initiating cold of Winter, which Capricorn represents. These too cardinal energies both share the same “let’s get going” energy but at opposite ends of the spectrum. It is no surprise then that what comes up for purging during this lunation will be intense and we’ll feel poised into action.

You ready?

A boost from a trine to Uranus in Taurus promises sudden change but the sort of change that pushes us out of our comfort zones. Growth doesn’t come from comfort. It comes from being in discomfort and sometimes pain. This full moon lunar eclipse urges that we pay attention to that which feels uncomfortable to us. What lurks in the shadows of that discomfort that need to be addressed? What is out of harmony?

This full moon also opposes Mercury, currently retrograde in Cancer digging up feelings wrapped in nostalgia and demanding they be expressed. What have we placed on lockdown regarding how we feel about our comfort, security, reputation, and responsibilities? What do we have to let go of to release the heaviness we’ve locked away? A wide conjunction to Jupiter, also retrograde in Capricorn, accentuates this energy and assures us that blessings can be found if we maintain our integrity and do the work that needs to be done.

Sounds so easy, but is it?

Speaking of working with integrity, the ruler of this moon, Saturn, has retrograded back into its home sign of Capricorn. Saturn, who I refer to as the Daddy of the Planets is at the 29th degree of Capricorn which encourages a sense of urgency when it comes to matters of structure, rules, responsibilty, and karma. This will re-emphasize the concerns that have come up for you from March 18th this year until now and remind you that loose ends can’t remain untied for long. Tie your proverbial shoestrings or trip over them. The choice is yours.

Hey now, you’re an All Star and the universe is begging you to tie your shoes so you can step into some serious magic.

It’s worth mentioning that Mercury Rx in Cancer is squaring Mars, newly in Aries, riling up our emotions and emotional responses. While there is danger here in jumping to conclusions or having explosive conversations and confrontations the good thing about this energy is that it helps thoughts and feelings rise to the surface that are in need of addressing. This is emphasized by Mars’ conjunction to Chiron in Aries which tells us we must rise up and become warriors for our own healing.

Check your Sun, Moon, and Rising below for where you can expect this energy to impact you.


Career, Reputation, Public Standing, What You’re Known For


Intellectual & Spiritual Interests, Higher Education, Opportunities to Teach or Travel


Hidden Emotional Depths, Transformative Power, Sex & Power Issues, Other People’s Money


Partnerships, One-on-One Relationships, Commitments, Open Enemies


Daily Routines & Habits, Health, Service to Others, Immediate Work Environment


Self-Expression, Creativity, Vitality, Passions, Unconditional Love, Children, Inner Child


Home, Family, Comfort, Relationship with Women, Nurturing, Mothers


Thought Processes, Communication, Short Trips, Siblings, Neighbors & Neighborhood


Values, Self-Worth, Money, Possessions, Material Things


Self, Physical Appearance, Outward Identity, Other’s Perception of You


Isolation, Self-Undoing, Dreams, Hidden Enemies, Delusion, Compassion


Social Networks, Groups, Clubs, The Internet, The Collective, Organizations, Friendship Circles, Technology

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