Imagine every drop of water as an emotion. That’s the Cancer season spirit!

Right on the heels of Mercury stationing retrograde in Cancer, the Sun entered the cardinal water sign of Cancer at 5:44 pm Eastern time on June 20th, 2020, marking the Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere, or the official start to summer. This is the day when Earth’s northern pole is at its maximum tilt towards the life-giving Sun. The Sun has reached its highest position in the sky resulting in the longest period of daylight.

I think of the Sun as a giant spotlight being shone on the astrological sign it enters. This spotlight on the energy of Cancer brings up the following themes:

  • Emotions
  • Family
  • Nurturing
  • Relationships with Women
  • Relationships with Our Mothers & Maternal Family Members
  • Our Immediate Surroundings & Home
  • Our Personal/Private Lives
  • Safety & Security Issue
  • Sentimental & Past Feelings
  • Intuitive Nudges or Urges
  • Issues with Vulnerability
  • Emotional Defensiveness & Offensiveness
  • Clingy Behavior
  • Searching for Comfort
  • Empathy
  • Protecting Ourselves & Our Emotions
  • Passive Aggressiveness

The Sun’s amplification of these themes is especially pronounced since Cancer’s ruling planet is the moon. This is representative of the Sun (our vitality, ego expression, lens through which we view life) interacting in the realm of the Moon (our natural & instinctual emotional reactions). Think of Leo (ruled by the Sun) and Cancer energy in a tight hug.

You think Simba was a Cancer?

The heat of fixed fire (Leo) aligned with cardinal water (Cancer) brings to mind either water (emotions) boiling over or fire (spirited action) being put out by water. Finding a happy medium to avoid extremes is key. When the Sun enters the sign ruled by the moon an alignment between our projected selves and receptive selves is activated.

The Sun enters Cancer conjunct, by degree, the North Node in Gemini and opposing the South Node in Sagittarius. As I mentioned in my post on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius:

“The North Node in Gemini calls on us to realize that in order for there to be understanding between people we must be open to listening to ideas and experiences different than our own. This calling simultaneously asks us to leave behind habits and behaviors that discourage interpersonal understanding. The South Node in Sagittarius gives us clues about what we need to leave behind to reach the North Node destiny of ideas being freely shared and heard.”

Illy Vish

The Sun amplifies whatever it touches and gives some oomph to the themes present. It’s no surprise that the emotional flavor of the Sun entering Cancer is giving energy to our collective reminder to be open to receiving information and letting old “truths” go. Social media is LIT with emotionally-riled conversations where the fight between new ways of thinking and old ways of thinking, especially when it comes to race relations, are EVERYWHERE. And with Mercury newly retrograde in Cancer this energy isn’t going away easily.

Cancer energy is not afraid to pull a knife on you if you threaten it. Mistake those emotions for weakness if you want to. I’d advise against it.

Adding to the emotion-oriented party, the Moon joins the Sun in a bear hug of a conjunction on June 21st, 2020 at 4:11 pm meeting at 0 degrees and 21 minutes of Cancer. This joining of the Sun and the moon will result in an annular solar eclipse; an apparent ring of fire around the moon. New Moons are associated with beginnings and starting fresh but the eclipse energy present is giving an added boost to the air of newness. Look for the house in your birth or progressed chart where this eclipse will occur for clues as to what area(s) of your life will be activated.

Serena Williams is goals. This is her putting a crown on goals just like this New Moon Solar Eclipse will accentuate whatever new start you initiate.

This eclipse energy inconjuncts Saturn in rebellious Aquarius and squares Mars in sensitive Pisces. This energy asks that we break old habits that restrict our freedom, find common ground between what we must do and what we want to do, and find new ways to assert what we feel. What is internal will be called into alignment externally so what we’re feeling will help dictate what we manifest for ourselves. In six months when the full moon occurs in Cancer imagine yourself basking in the culmination of the energy you hold right now. What seeds are you planting that will be watered by the your emotional state today?

As always, I suggest checking were this lunation will transit your chart (if you need help with that you can always book a reading with me) however, I’ve come up with some New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer mantras for manifestation as well as chosen a theme song for all 12 signs. Be sure to check your Sun, Moon, Rising and any dominant sign in your chart.


I will initiate healthy emotional change in my home, private life, family, and relationships with women. I will use my subconscious emotional drive to activate an awareness of what makes me most comfortable. I will surround myself with those that respect my freedom and value the ideas I express.


I will begin to tap into my emotional connection to my thoughts, words, knowledge, and ability to share my ideas. I will focus my energy on interacting with groups of people that resonate with my energy. I will value my ability to process vital information that comes my way.


I will connect to the part of me that values my intuition, stability, and everything I possess that nurtures me. I will use my influence to connect to others in a meaningful way. I will show the world the beauty of sharing and receiving new ideas.


I will be open and vulnerable and allow the world to that my sensitivity is not a weakness. I will use my emotional and intuitive intelligence to teach others how to understand and navigate their emotions . I will help people tap into their natural latent curiosity.


I will not be afraid to tap into my subconscious emotions and emotional habits so that I may use them to my benefit. I will fearlessly take the reigns of my inner transformation into my own hands. I will take what I’ve learned through my transformative journey and share it with my circle of friends.


I call into being connections and circles of friends that help to nurture me and give me a sense of security. I will use what has happened in my closest one-on-one relationships as motivation make positive changes in my connections. I will be a walking example to everyone I encounter that openness is the foundation for better connections to others.


I will step out into the world confident that my nurturing and empathic behavior will have an impact on and inspire others. I will initiate the needed change in my day-to-day life to be more in flow with my emotions. I will be inspired to share what has worked for me with others so.


I will enthusiastically open myself up to new spiritual practices and information that will teach me how to be more emotionally intelligent. I will allow myself the space to express myself and be creative without judgement. I will not be afraid to intellectualize the deeper aspects of my psyche.


I accept my darkness as equally as I do my light and understand that my power lies in my ability to process my feelings whether they are good or bad. I will commit myself to honestly examining the side of me no one really sees. I allow myself the opportunity to learn more about myself through the connections I have.


I commit myself to having more emotionally fulfilling partnerships be they for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. I will be more vocal about the importance that these connections have on my well-being. I will take what I learn and incorporate it into my daily life.


I claim better health and healthier habits into my daily routine for my highest good. I will commit myself to speaking up about my feelings rather than detaching from them. I will be inspired and passionate about hearing what others want to share with me.


I will allow my intuition to be the seat of my creativity and use it to stay passionately inspired. I will assert my emotional and intuitive intelligence freely so that I may show others how to do the same. I see the value in what others share with me as I understand even in small ways what they teach me about myself.