This afternoon as I scrolled through my social media accounts I came across this :

Original source but seen on Facebook & Instagram.

Astrology is so much more than just knowing people’s birth chart energy. It allows us to study cycles in time and in history and to recognize the commonalities.

There is A LOT going on and still a lot more to go on but I want everyone to keep in mind that these cycles have their place in moving us forward into the future.

Saturn (restriction, rules, tradition, structure, government) in the sign of Aquarius (the collective, rebellion, revolution, change, innovation) is everywhere we look.

Pluto (transformation, death, rebirth, purging, extremes) currently retrograde in Capricorn (government, rules, structure, tradition, restriction) is also everywhere we look.

Neptune in its home sign of Pisces intensifies sensitivity, emotions, intuition, deceit, lying, and appeals to the turbulent emotional landscape dissolving the collective’s feelings together. It’s everywhere.

I did want to mention though that while the themes of collective revolution are prominent, it’s important to remember that this energy is also encouraging an inner revolution. As within, so without. The themes showing themselves in the collective can also be found individually and internally. What themes on the outside are resonating on the inside as well? This time is prime to find out.

With the full moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius coming on Friday, June 5th, energies and emotions are peaking. This is a Jupiter-ruled moon meaning emotions can be pushed to an extreme and blown out of proportion. Sagittarius is also mutable and the moon here indicates emotions being in a state of flux.

I won’t tell anyone what to do but I will say this, make sure you are tending to your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. If you need to isolate a bit and tend to yourself please do it. With so much going on the last thing you need is to neglect yourself. We can’t help change both our inner and outer worlds if we’re drained.

Peace and blessings, beautiful souls. 💚💚💚

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