Ideas being shared about relationships, one-on-one interpersonal relations, relationship problems, and communication problems in relationships have been everywhere in my social media feeds ever since Venus went retrograde in Gemini and the Sun, North Node, and Mercury entered Gemini.

I’ve seen it said that Venus Rx operates like Mars and considering it’s Mars day, I thought this would be a great topic to bring up.

Chattiness (Gemini) about relationships (Venus) and the introspection resulting from Venus’ retrograde cycle are apparent and I’ve noticed recurring themes that seem to cross social media platforms, particularly from women.


Post after post after post after post I’ve seen are centered around the calling out of and dismissal of fuckboys and their behavior. It’s not really surprising under this Gemini influence.

No shade to Gemini energy but the as the Sun entered the sign of the twins its like a spotlight lit up on everyone recognizing fickle ever-changing and all-over-the-place behavior which is par for the course with fuckboys. Women are not having that shit right now and speaking up and out. Some of the most interesting points I’ve seen so far are:

  • Most fuckboys are unaware of or in denial about them being actual fuckboys. They continually do fuckboy shit oblivious to the fact that doing fuckboy shit makes them fuckboys
  • Calling fuckboys out on fuckboy behavior causes cognitive dissonance so intense that they have only two options- ghost completely or deflect and attempt to gaslight
  • You can never win against a fuckboy so it’s better not to even play
  • Not only are women sick of fuckboys, they’re also sick of other women who still engage fuckboys
  • Fuckboy behavior is rooted in unresolved mommy issues and/or childhood trauma that fuckboys either ignore or deny exists
  • Fuckboys expect you to allow them to fuckboy the shit out of you in peace without any objection
  • Saying no to a fuckboy equates in his head to being denied his right to “be a man”
  • Saying no to fuckboy can possibly get you hurt physically or killed
  • If you ghost or ignore a fuckboy he has to punish you for having the audacity to want better for yourself
  • The unrealized/in denial fuckboys are the worst of them all and tend to have the highest concentration of fuckboy energy and mommy issues


Yes, communication is important in relationships but it doesn’t work well at all if a willingness to listen and understand is absent. Women are tired of communicating without being heard. Most of what I’ve seen about this mentions:

  • Men do this thing called “already always listening” which in short means they don’t hear what is said but rather decide what is about to be said and assume what is meant before you speak based on their previous experience(s) with you
  • Men will determine what your emotions or communication mean without listening and dismiss them. They know better than you how you feel, why you feel that way, and why you act as you do even though you’re the only one who knows how you feel and why
  • What you say is automatically worth dismissing if it bruises the male ego or calls him out on bad behavior
  • No matter how calmly you speak when you ask questions for clarity or to understand you will be labeled irrational, overly emotional, and crazy simply because the answers to your questions will potentially result in you responding negatively to or cutting off contact with a man
  • When you shut down communication due to receiving little to no communication a mantrum will ensue


Women are focusing on possibilities OUTSIDE of relationships. They are putting love, time, care, and attention into themselves. By doing so they are attracting to them the people they need to make those possibilities reality. They are reflecting on the love, time, care, and attention they’ve given to men and realizing where and how they’ve neglected themselves. I’ve seen stuff like:

  • Sisterhood circles being formed to support the interests/goals of other women
  • Self-care rituals being developed or renewed
  • Women building other women up through sharing knowledge, opportunities, advice, etc.

This isn’t about man hating. This is about preserving self-love in women which requires an honest look at issues that are faced. Too many women have allowed men access to them who don’t deserve it. We have fathers, brothers, sons, nephews, cousins, and friends who could stand to listen to us for their betterment. We are a reflection of our male counterparts so if you don’t like what you see take a look at yourselves.

We all have work to do and this retrograde is encouraging not only reflection on but discussion about our thoughts on how our one-on-one relationships have gone. We can best use this energy to listen, ask questions, and come to mutual understanding.

What have you been seeing come up in discussion with women regarding relationships?

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