Saturn will enter Aquarius, a sign it anciently rules, on March 21st, 2020 and will stay there until July 1st, 2020 when it will go retrograde and re-enter its home sign of Capricorn. It will return back into Aquarius on December 16th, 2020 and stay there until March 7th, 2023.

After 3 years of traveling through its ruling cardinal earth sign of Capricorn, Saturn, the planet of order, restriction, time-keeping, and karma is moving into Aquarius. Saturn is the ANCIENT ruler of Aquarius, as its modern ruler, Uranus wasn’t discovered until 1781. Concern for what is best for the collective through structures and rules is a prevalent theme.

Saturn’s entrance into Aquarius for the first time since 1991 is very pronounced. From February 1991 until the end of January 1994 Saturn transited Aquarius., During this time the Rodney King footage of him being beaten by LA police officers as well as the riots that occurred in Los Angeles after the officers were acquitted were happening. Themes of the collective deciding that restrictive and oppressive structures, forces, and judgements were not okay were definitely present.

As Saturn makes its ingress into the fixed air of Aquarius in 2020, we are globally and collectively dealing with sudden changes (Aquarius) affecting the structure, governance, and rules (Saturn) of society and the freedom (Aquarius)we are used to having because of COVID-19. As Saturn finished its traverse through the 29th “sense of urgency” degree of Capricorn, there was talk that the US government had failed to act earlier totake the pandemic seriously. New plans resulting in restrictions being placed on public events and places to manage and restrain (Capricorn) the spread of the Coronavirus were announced and enacted. The sense of urgency for the government (Saturn) to take responsibility (Capricorn) for managing this outbreak was heightened.

Saturn’s entrance into Aquarius points to the themes of changes to structures surrounding the collective, the internet, social groups, organizations, and our ideas on individuality and freedom. It doesn’t seem coincidental that social distancing has become a thing where though we are urged to maintain a physical distance from others we still have the benefits of technology to stay connected virtually to them.

I refer to Saturn as the daddy of the zodiac but it is also the wise crone, the old wise woman. We are called upon to exercise the wisdom we’ve gained while Saturn was in Capricorn about constraints, delays, responsibility, our government, and how we managed a sense of order in the physical world. Saturn in Aquarius now calls on us to take what we’ve learned and spawn change.

Coming in with a square to Uranus in Taurus adding an air of being pushed out our comfort zones, Saturn is also sextile the Sun in Aries prompting action and movement forward. Wide conjunctions to Mars and Jupiter ramp up call to get moving; to use innovation, ingeniousness, and objectivity to soldier through and overcome challenges related to suddenly having to restructure society for the good of all.

If we have taken seriously the lessons we’ve learned through hardships as well as victories over the last 3 years, we’ll fair better in adapting to the rapidly growing restrictions on our freedom for the sake of humanity. If by now you are unable to recognize how much other people and their actions and sense of security heavily impact you, this transit will show you, the hard way. We’ll also get a glimpse at how far some people will go to rebel against any perceived threat to their freedom.

To fully benefit from Saturn’s traverse through Capricorn, it is important to understand where and how it will impact your natal chart. If you do not already have a copy of your natal chart, I suggest getting one at You will need your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth.

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