At 5:04 am Eastern Time this morning , Venus, the planet of values and connections joined forces with Saturn, the planet of time, karma, responsibility, commitment and hard work in perfect energetic alignment in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn.

The sobering and serious energy of this alignment is neither light nor superficial. This energy asks that we examine our values, attachment to possessions, connections with people, and patterns of commitment or lack thereof. This is essentially an audit of our integrity within partnerships and a taking stock of worthiness. Does what we tangibly, emotionally, and mentally possess fulfill us? Or are we out of alignment with what we truly desire?

Ask yourself:

How serious is my commitment to the people and things I value?

What responsibility am I taking to show unconditional love in my relationships?

What are the consequences of not acting in integrity with those I love?

What karma have I fulfilled through my connections?

Saturn and Venus want you to get real about your value systems and your ability to commit to that which you truly admire and want. Sometimes when we are far too frivolous and callous in terms of how we spend our money and what people we give attention to we lose a sense of groundedness and authenticity. Do we want what we want because we really want it? Or are our desires just shadow puppets of what we think we want because we see everyone else having it?

Figure it out. The universe is urging you to do so.

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