Press Photo of singer Summer Walker.

Let’s talk astrologically about Summer Walker and all the recent hoopla surrounding her social anxiety and cancellation of tour dates.

I wasn’t able to find a birth time for Summer, but she was born in Atlanta, Georgia on April 11th, 1996. I initially just used noon as her time of birth and moved her Sun to the ascendant since I used her Solar Calendar to take a look at everything she’s been going through this year. Using Summer’s Solar calendar, which breaks down her personal Spring, Fall, Summer, and Winter, only really requires her date of birth. And wow! When I looked at it, it made so much make sense!

Summer Walker on October 6, 2019 from her Instagram @summerwalker

Summer is a 21-22 degree Aries Sun (since the Sun moved from 21 to 22 degrees on her date of birth by 11:15 am). When we take a look at her recent cancellation of some of her US tour dates, this occurred on November 12th, 2019, which was at the tail end of Summer experiencing the first phase of her Solar Fall. Her Solar Fall began when the transiting Sun began opposing her natal Sun on October 14th, 2019, during Libra season. This Solar opposition timeframe, lasting from October 14th through November 13th was one of great pressure from within for Summer as well as internal conflict and disappointment. Oppositions, as I always say, are calls for balance and bring attention to us living at extremes. Given the demands of public life as an entertainer and Summer’s self-professed social anxiety, it’s easy to see that the extremes she has had to contend with had her feeling off-kilter internally.

Summer Walker performs a Tiny Desk Concert for NPR.

During this Opposition period of Summer’s Solar Fall, she recorded an episode of NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts on October 18, 2019. Holding on to a pink stuffed animal that no doubt provided comfort and support for Summer, she was quoted as saying, “Look, I’m really freaking excited to be here, but I have social anxiety like a motherfucker.” She later also said, “I’m freaked the hell out, I’m sweating, but this is so exciting for me.” It seemed very clear that Summer was trying her best to strike a balance between her personal (Aries) need to do what was best for her and also to be social enough (Libra) to give her audience a stunning performance.

On November 12th, 2019, the Sun was at 19 degrees of Scorpio, placing it in the Pisces decan and Gemini dwad. Summer’s underlying psychological conflict with her social anxiety and empathic struggles had to finally be fully communicated. The Aries/Libra axis of energy highlighting themes between self and relationship to the other was also heavily at play. She had already received heat after a November 8th post from a disappointed fan about her aloof behavior during a “Meet And Greet”, where she did not hug fans, prompting her to announce that she was an empath and that the constant transference of energy would “kill her” and also announcing that she would be canceling several dates on her First and Last tour.

Summer kept some of the dates on the tour including 11/25/19 in Toronto, 11/26/19 in Chicago, 11/27/19 in Royal Oak, and 12/2/19 in Boston, and tonite, 12/5/19 in Philly. All of these shows are still within Summer’s Solar Fall but are in the Quincunx portion of it, when the transiting Sun is aspecting her natal Sun by 150 degrees, indicating uncomfortable and unsettling energy that is actually annoyingly helpful to Summer. This period of her Solar Fall began on November 14th, 2019, when the Sun was at 21 degrees of Scorpio in the Cancer decan and Cancer dwad. This categorizes this portion of Summer’s Fall Quincunx as a time when suspicion, passive-aggressiveness, and an extreme need to protect herself and her emotional well-being are rampant. During this time period, Summer has been made fun of for her social anxiety, particularly after her November 17th shy and understated acceptance of her Soul Train Music Award for Best New Artist. It’s understandable that after experiencing so much criticism during her Solar Fall that Summer would feel guarded, suspicious, and seek to emotionally protect herself in front of a crowd.

Summer walker at the 2019 Soul Train Awards.

Her December 2nd, 2019 Boston House of Blues show was written about by Boston Globe columnist Jeneé Osterheldt describing Summer as having “hidden in plain sight while giving us the best she had for 60 minutes”. Osterheldst also remarks that Summer did a few dance moves but seemed most comfortable clutching her microphone and allowing two “dynamic pole dancers [to] put on a sultry show so she could sing our blues”. It seems Summer, even through her discomfort, discovered a way to boldly express herself in the performance without placing the focus entirely on her— characterizing the energy of a Sagittarius, Aries decan and Aries dwad day, as it were. This clearly shows Summer embracing her Quincunx portion of her Solar Fall lessons of using irritating and annoying energy to her benefit. Despite eyes on her during her show, she managed to keep the visual aesthetic conducive to her music but without the focus being entirely on her.

December 3rd, 2019 post from Summer Walker’s Instagram showing the audience singing along.
Jeneé Osterheldt, Boston Globe columnist on Summer Walker’s December 2nd, 2019 performance at the House of Blues.

Tonite, Summer is in my hometown of Philadelphia doing a show. I really wish I could go. The Sun is at 13 degrees of Sagittarius today in the Aries decan and Taurus dwad, and she’s still in the Quincunx portion of her Solar Fall. Hopefully, Summer uses the energy tonite to embrace the value that being honest about her personal struggles with social anxiety have brought about. She has found ways to continue on the remaining shows without totally disappointing her fans as well as giving herself the freedom and space she needs to perform. That’s admirable asf.

Summer Walker on performing.
A November 10th, 2018 post from Summer Walker’s Twitter.

Also, Chiron is conjunct her Saturn, as it has been since it’s ingress into Aries, aiding in her finding ways to work within a structure that best exposes her wounding and reveals to her new ways to work through that wound that was previously unseen or consciously disregarded. If I keep her Sun on her ascendant in her chart, her 0 degree Saturn is in her 12th house, as is her 13 degree Mars and 17 degree South Node. The moon, at showtime, is at 3 degrees Aries, transiting her 12th house and conjunct her Saturn. Hopefully, Summer keeps her cool and doesn’t allow anyone to disrupt this new sense of structure she’s established during this part of her fall. If the Philly audience gets rowdy and impulsive, as we tend to get even without the moon being in Aries, there’s a chance that Summer will feel her sense of security is threatened which could potentially have her pop off. My fingers are crossed that my city behaves itself tonite so that Summer can be ready for her upcoming New York shows on December 7th and 8th.

A November 24th, 2019 Instagram post from Summer.

Her last show on December 22nd, 2019, takes her back home to Atlanta. This show will occur during the final phase of her Solar Fall, which is a Trine Phase. The easy energy of this trine can either produce a benefit or cause laziness and misfortune. I’ll write more about this last show and my thoughts about Summer’s birth chart in a part 2.

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