Pardon me, I’m just enjoying the start of my Venus return, y’all. Woot! Woot!

But anyway…

Venus is at home again in the fixed earth sign of Taurus. Venus here is indulgent; wanting to experience everything through the 5 senses. I’m slightly biased given I have this Venus placement natally, but I love it!

Venus in Taurus to me is Aphrodite herself, laying on a pillow-soft chaise lounge, being fed the most amazing food, listening to the best music, taking in worlds greatest art while having her “clam” massaged and “pearl” caressed. She wants to have it all.

During this transit be careful not to overindulge or be downright lazy. Use this energy to ground yourself and reconnect with your sense of self-worth and realignment with that which is valuable to you. Watch out for being stubborn or refusing to budge when it comes to others. Standing your ground can be a beautiful thing but doing so to excess can have you miss out on things that come your way for your own good.

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