Saturn, Lord of time and karma goes retrograde today at 8:54 pm ET.

At home already in Capricorn, Saturn has been sternly looking over our shoulders since December of 2017 asking that whatever we do, we do it with integrity. The key has been to understand that working in integrity, even if the work we do is hard, will ultimately be rewarding for us. Conversely, eschewing personal integrity in what we do will cause us to reap what we’ve sown.
As the “Daddy of the Zodiac” begins its retrograde journey today we are reminded that what we do and the energy we put out into the world has consequences. Have you been honest? Have you put in the work that was necessary or have you taken shortcuts? Are you speaking from a genuine place of personal authority or are you faking the funk?
The serious tone of this transit should not be feared but rather embraced as a time to have our words, thoughts, and actions audited by the planet of responsibility, structure, and restriction. This internal audit serves as a necessary function in keeping us aligned with universal law. We always receive what we give. There is no skipping out on our lessons.
Until September 18th, 2018 be on the lookout for the lessons you’ve scheduled yourself to learn. These lessons are a direct result of what we’ve said and done and are brought to our attention for our highest good. Breathe, accept, and embrace them.
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