ENERGY UPDATE: For people like me with heavy Pisces energy, dissolving into the oneness of everything is super easy. With the Sun, Mercury, Vesta, and Neptune in the hazy waters of the two fishes it may seem more difficult than usual for some to set or maintain appropriate boundaries.

Luckily, all this current Pisces energy is sextiling the South Node, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn as well as sextiling Mars in Taurus. The opportunity present here is to draw upon the intuitive, imaginative and creative parts of yourself to form, establish & reestablish workable and sustainable structures that help you actually manifest in the physical what you dream about having. You’re more than capable of doing the work necessary to have what you want. The boundaries you put in place should reflect your current energetic vibration. If you’re operating from the lower vibrations of jealousy, resentment, vengeance, etc., the boundaries you set will be the jail you cage yourself into.

Remember, Saturn, lord of time and karma, is still at home in Capricorn. Living in integrity is essential. If you work in integrity, Saturn will reward you. If you do not, Saturn has no problem reprimanding and bringing you your karma. Saturn ate its own babies. It has no problem swallowing you whole.

All this Pisces energy is also in trine to the North Node in Cancer. It’s as if we’re being drawn into what our ideal sense of home feels like. What comforts us? What nurtures us? Who, what, and where feels like home to us? Allow your intuition to be your guide. Embrace your feelings and let them lead you to your inner awareness of what makes you comfortable, what feeds you, and what gives you the support you need to truly be you. Tap into your emotions. There’s a hidden treasure there waiting to be discovered that is more valuable than you realize.

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