Chiron transitioned from its 8 year stay in the intuitive and misty waters of Pisces into the Mars-ruled fires of Aries at 4:07 am ET on February 18th, 2019. As we emerge from a lengthy swim in the depths of our subconscious undercurrents and step into our inner warrior, we are called upon to take action in our own healing.

Over the next 8 years we’ll have to not only face who we are but we’ll have to unpack whether or not that identity is restrictive or revolutionary; whether it’s true to who we really are or an armor to protect us from doing our real work. And that real work is to own and accept responsibility for our healing and to do it sooner rather than later.

This urge to expedite actionable steps in our lives that will help us to heal ourselves and face that healing with a warrior’s spirit will be strong. Taking an honest look at ourselves and recognizing where we stand in the way of our own healing is necessary. We’ll be called upon to alchemize that which previously destroyed us into what heals us. Allow your warrior alchemist to emerge.

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